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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Off with those head - b-liv be cellnique [Review]

Many of you would have come across this product, some of you might even own it. And some of you may even be introduced to it but never had the heart or cash to purchase it…

Today, i’ll be doing a product review on the very famous B’liv by Cellnique [Off with those heads]. This is just an honest opinion and review from me.

2013-01-03 01.57.35

As you can see, my bottle is NOT NEW. So this is a prove that i’ve been using it for quite some time. You know you’d never know the great deal of a product until it’s tried, tested for a period of time. As some products will seem perfect for you at the beginning but after a few months it becomes dry, oily or not suitable and not as great as how you had it in the beginning.

Firstly, this product is pricey. But i bought it at a set with [Got me covered] which is a sunscreen foundation under the same range as well. This product is clear gel serum form. It DOES NOT smell like coconut or anything herbal (i hate those smell). In fact, it smells like nothing. But when you apply on it, it feels very minty. It’s not an acne or wound stinging kind of feeling, but more of a minty cooling feeling. Like you can feel it really absorbing it into your skin. So it does work….. does it?

I’ve got sensitive skin as well as minor Rosacea, so i’m really picky and sensitive towards product as well, and this product is sensitive-free. So done that, tried that, tested that, proven that!! But of course, if you are that 1 out of 50 who is sensitive towards it, then it’s a real unfortunate for you. And like i've said before, this is just an opinoin towards me, so they may be some of you out there who hates this or your skin reacts differently. 

Everyone has blackheads, and so do i. And it’s not really a very pleasant looking look. So how does your black heads really get OFF??? As it says “Off with those heads”… Does it disolve away? Does it fall out? Or what happens to your blackheads and how does the serum work?? Well, these are question for really picky and practical people who really want to know how things works. And i can say, how this product works for me and you could be different. But i’m just telling my side of the story and how it works on me.

I apply it twice a day, rub it in my nose till it dries out and i continue on with my skin care routine. From the third or forth or fifth day after i apply (counting from the first day). I will get a really itchy feeling on my nose and under lip (where i apply the product). The feeling is really itchy and annoying and i’ve got REALLY REALLY ITCHY FINGERS. this is when the product really works. All i have to do. Is get tissue, cotton pad, or cloth or anything! I normally use tissue. damp my face (the area), with a spray mist (just normal water. I bought an empty spray bottle and just filled tap water in), i spray it on my nose. Then use the tissue gently squeeze my nose. and you will see the magic work. ALL those blackheads that you wonder how it will get “OFF”, will be OFF on the tissue. Okay. it’s really really gross for some people, but to see all the blackheads (it won’t be black, it’ll be yellow. cause they are clogged dirty oil). things on the tissue. You will feel great and fantastic. After a few squeeze the itching will stop. mind you. Don’t squeeze till you get a bruise nose, that pressure isn’t needed. After you are done. you can apply your moisturizer or the product and you’re done with it.

You could easily just use the nose pore strip. Pore stirp does the same thing and BETTER in fact. But the tissue is just if you want to really get into it by hands. and if you’re out in the public and your nose itches but i would suggest you to squeeze it yourself unless you are a professional in it, or you are use to it. Because it may leave to bruises and a red nose. Do not blame me for that. I've warned you. 

1. The product does do what it says. 
2. Blackheads are easily off. 
3. It is not sticky or tacky. 
4. Could be used under make up. 

1. It is pricey. 30ml for RM139/SGD$55. 45ml for RM179/SGD$72
2. Doesn't come in any sample or smaller size. 

Does it really work? 

because i’ve tested it, without the product, squeezing my nose with tissue doesn’t work. Nothing comes off. Not even after i steam my face or put a hot towel to open up the pores. It’s just different. It’s not the same. Nose pore strips, yes they work, But do they really come off 100%??? No. but with the Off with those heads?  I can say yes. As smooth as a baby butt. LOL. maybe they should name it ‘smooth as a baby butt’ rather than ‘off with those heads.’. HAHAHAA. If you ask me if you should buy it? My answer is, if you have the money yes. Because spending money on your face is always the best investment. Better than spending on expensive clothes and bags and stuff.

Would i recommend it? 

So this is my review and how it works on me. Do you have this? How does it work on you?? Or what other products and methods you do to get rid of those blackheads? 

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Monday, 24 June 2013

DIY Face Mask Sheet

Today, it's about face mask

I'm not sure if you have seen this before, but i have seen it everywhere and around. You get get this or see these in sasa, in the small beauty stalls and shops, watsons, guardians and anywhere. I've always wonder how this works. All i knew, that it was a face mask. I've never really bothered on giving this a try as i've always bought the packet face mask kind. But today, i saw this at watsons for RM9.90 (for 15 face mask), so i decided to grab one and give it a try. 

Now, this funny little white round compressed face mask sheet are dry and 100% viscose. And they look like these. 

How does this thing work?

1. Open the packet seal and take one of the round shape mask. Tear of the plastic around it and the top and the bottom piece of white protective paper will come of. 

It is not a very big size and you can see the fabric face mask on each side top of bottom already. 

2. Next, take a container and put the dry mask on it, and take out our lotion or skin conditioner or diluted serum (concentrated serum will take longer and harder to absorb. I would advise you to stay off using toner as most toner contains alcohol and dries up your skin. )

3. Take your chosen lotion/skin conditioner and pour on top of the mask into the container. The mask will absorb the liquids and expand (see photo below comparison to before and after)

4. Once it is wet and fully absorb (i waited about 2 minutes) open up the sheet to see if it is wet enough, If it is not, place the sheet back into the container and add more. 

5. Place mask on face and leave it on for 15-30 minutes. (depending on what solution you use). Then peel it off and massage extra essence into your face. 

See comparison before and after. 

Products that i have used today for this first trial DIY face mask is 
1. Haruhada Hyaluronic Acid Skin Lotion
2. Naris Up Skin Conditioner Marin Collagen
3. Naris Up Skin Conditioner VC (Vitamin C)
You can use any products that you prefer depending on the outcome that you want to achieve. 

As you should know the basic ingredients that gives you the benefit and meaning of it. (I'll write a next post on ingredients) 
- Hyaluronic Acid is for moisture. 
- Arbutin is for whitening. 
- Sacrylic Acid (Beta-Hydroxy Acid) is for oily/acne
- Cucumber, Avocado & Aloe Vera is for smoothing and calming. 
- and the list goes on. 

My thoughts and wonders of this. Pros&Cons

Firstly, the face mask sheet isn't bad. I had expected a bad quality face mask. Like the cheap gonna peel or rough hard kind, cause it cost like RM0.66 for ONE face mask sheet after divided. Tt's a 100% Viscose material face mask sheet. Well, you could go for a much expensive one like COTTON or something, but this mask rates a 7/10 from me.

I would say it's a little inconvience compared to the ready packet face mask if i'm travelling, or i want something fast or with extra benefit. (Like the multiple usage kind) BUT, i think it is cheaper. Think about it. RM9.90 for 15 sheet. And the lotion cost abour RM35 for Naris up 350ml and RM39 for Haruhada 500ml. And to think about it, you can use MORE THAN 15 mask for one bottle. that means it's cheaper!! Well, it's cheap but not travel friendly. BUT on the other hand, with this, you can one main benefit.
For example, if i use the Naris Up Skin Conditioner VC i can purely that benefit, rather than a mix of bit and here everywhere and not getting a full after effect of it. Oh well, i guess it works both ways.

Any downside of this? Not really, i think the only thing i can think of is the trouble to find a container to fill it up and it MIGHT get a little messy if i spill things over. (But i didn't :D)

Would i do this and repurchase again? 

Would i recommend it?
WHY NOT? I guess there are more to explore on this. And when i do, i'll update again. :)

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Haruhada High Concentrate Activator

Today, i will be reviewing on a Haruhada product in first impression (Not sponsored). It is the Haruhada Activator. It comes in 6 different kinds. 5 is the same bottle but in different color labels, and one is an entire pink bottle. This bottle retails at RM59 per 30ml bottle, but SASA has a sale of 2 bottles for RM79. That equals to RM39.50 per bottle. (Like RM20 cheaper than the original price). Well, why would i need TWO right? i'm not till that extreme with sales, not with stuff that i haven't try or come across like this. 

There isn't much review and information about this. I mean there is, just isn't sufficient enough to let me know what it really does as well as, the effectiveness and what it really does. Or so, enough to convince me to get it. 

So what is it really??

"Haruhada High Concentrate Activator gives soothing and whitening effects. It contains such skin-conditioning ingredients as enantia chlorantha bark extract and oleanolic acid. It leaves skin soft, smooth and lustrous."
- From

I know that is really little information enough to be given to someone, or enough to convince someone about it. Haruhada is a brand that i couldn't even find the website to give me more information about it, or the website for the product. Haruhada is a brand from Japan. (Hence, the name) It actually means "Skin of Spring" translated to english. All their products smell very japanese blossom spring smell. LOL. Most of their products contain botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid or collagen, and as we all know, Japanese products are trustable. OF COURSE THEY HAVE TOO! Look at the japanese people. SKin all damn nice one. LOL. 

So, today.. it is the Haruhada Activator. What does an Activator really do? It is suppose to penetrate through your skin and activate the cells that are dying, or to boost it up. It's similar to the Lancome Genefique Activator. (Well, all activator does the same right?) 

Haruhada High Concentrate Activator gives soothing and whitening effects. It contains such skin-conditioning ingredients as enantia chlorantha bark extract and oleanolic acid. It leaves skin soft, smooth and lustrous.

So here is the packaging. It looks like this. 

The bottle taken out comparison to my hand size. It's a 30ml bottle. And it's filled FULL!! 
You know unlike those product which they say 30ml but give half (like potato chips)
I quite like the bottle, it's small, but not too small. 30ml is alot. TRAVEL FRIENDLY, i can bring this around for travelling and do not need to worry about check in. 

Ingrdients in this products is 
  • 【Glycerin】softens and hydrates.
  • 【Arginine】moisturizes.
  • 【Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract】maintains the skin in good condition.
  • 【Oleanolic Acid】whitens, gives anti-oxidizing effect, and reduces inflammation.

These are the four main products and as seen at the back of the packaging, it is stated there. I like how even though it is in Japanese. SASA took the effort to printint out in chinese AND ENGLISH, to let us know at least what it does. 

This is the drip. I like that this drip is the pump kind, rather than the push kind. (Like the LOREAL YOUTH CODE)
I found myself getting annoyed at the applicator for the LOREAL YOUTH CODE cz i had to press the tip to push the pressure and get it out, it was so annoying, i could barely get anything out of it, and the thing keeps slipping of my hands.
So this product comes with the rubber tip, just press to pump, and to release. Quick, easy, fast and clean. 

So here is one drop of it. like ONE DROP. not the whole pump. and this can cover my whole face. It isn't a sticky solution or a tacky feeling. It is a fluid serum form rather than a tacky heavy serum oil form, and this feels more like an exlixir. the smell is nothing. LOL. 
okay i know it is impossible to smell like nothing. But i would say it smells like non-alcohol fragrance free toner. 
HAHAHAA. it's true!! 

It absorbs into the skin straight away. and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling or dryness. It just feel like a plump nice hydrating clean feeling. 

Overall, this product is amazing. Throughout the day, i don't feel my face oily, or heavy. It makes my skin feel soft, smooth and lustrous like it describes. This i would say is a very good skin conditioner. or skin treatment i can say it. Boost up your skin. Apparently this is suppose to give me some whitening effects, but i can't really tell in one applicaiton because this is more like a first impression review. I have used this for a week and using it as a toner way. After cleansing my face, and this is amazing. the moisutizer and my make up feels and looks nicer. and i don't look dull anymore. 

BUT, it is hard to say as this is not the only product that i use or recently use. But i would say, it is worth the try and is a good buy. 

I know nothing could win and beat the Lancome Genefique Activator or the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. BUt this is definately something to grab when it's on sale. 

*note: My sister just called me telling me that the SASA CLEARANCE SALE in CINEALEISURE is selling the botnanical one for RM18! So i told her 'GRAB IT!! WHATCHU WAITING FORRRRR!" 

so yea... will review on that when i get it. AND, will update on this product after a long usage because you know there are always products that are amazing in the beginning but after a few trys or a month it changes? So lets see how it would be. 

For now here is my summarize of everything. 

- it is travel friendly. 
- it is not sticky/tacky and absorbs into the skin well. 
- my skin is no longer flaring red (or so far not yet but definately reduced)
- it didn't give me a tingling dry tight feeling. 
- my skin looked and felt soft and smooth

- RM59 for 30ml bottle?? It's a little too pricey, but getting it for RM18 and RM39 is worth it.
- Have to wait for sales for a cheaper price. 

Would i recommend it? YES. why not? It's a good investment.
Would i repurchase it? YES, (i already bought the other ones) 

So if you have tried it, let me know if it felt different for you. :)


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Sunday, 16 June 2013

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

So today I have decided to do the 7 deadly sins of beauty. OHNO *Gasp
1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
Now this is a hard one. LOL. I think the most expensive item i have bought is the Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream SPF15 at RM200 and the Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Multi-Relief Anti-stress Aqua Gel at RM200. (So it’s a total of Rm400 there, and i can’t say which cz both are the same price )
For the most inexpensive beauty item, i guess would be double eyelid tape? LOL They are like RM3.00?? But if that doesn’t count and only for makeup, it would be the Yi Shiang Mei Black Gel Eyelinear at RM7.90/ SGD$3/ AUD$2.5 / HKD$20 (I Seriously have NO IDEA what brand it is, some hongkong asian chapalang brand. LOL. But the color is glossy black and it is damn long lasting. It doesn’t stain my skin, (I’ve had some black eyelinear which stained my skin blue. =/  ) I only use it for clubbing to intensify the blackness of the eyelinear.
2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
Love hate relationship. This is a tough one. Back then, I use to have a love hate relationship with the M.A.C Forttified Skin Enchancer Illuminateur de Teint in SPF35++ and the M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer. I guess M.A.C is my number one love hate relationship brand. Even their Lip Tinted Conditioner which I purchased over two years ago. I guess M.A.C and I has always had this relationship because their products are good, but they also depend on mood, season and weather. The Fortified Skin Echancer Illuminatuer was part of my daily foundation routine when I was in Australia. This product actually gives a pretty good coverage and I doesn’t dry out. But when I get back to Malaysia/Singapore. This is not the product I would use as it gets too oily and yellow on me. Where for the Studio Sculpt Concealer, I use it when I am in Malaysia/Singapore or any humid weather because when I am at a cold place or during winter, it creases or sinks into my skin.
I love M.A.C but hate them at the same time. Maybe it’s because they aren’t altered for Asian skin. So daily use gives me a heavy look.
3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
This, would be the Burt’s Bee Rejuvenating Lip balm with Acai Berry. I could eat my lips with this and I could kiss my boy whole day if he applied this, LOL.
It smells like bubblegum, and a very strong berry candy smell.
4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
Contouring and highlight. This is something that i just am too lazy to do, because i feel to contour my face, it’s almost as if i have heavy make up on. Same goes as highlighting. And then time to contour and blend it into my face? By the time i’m done with sunscreen primer foundation/bb cream eyebrows double eyelid tape lips and so. I don’t think i have time to do contouring and highligting. PLUS! i don’t think it benefits my skin nor how my face would look like anyway.
5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
Eyebrows and lips I’d say. I would be able to skip eyelinear, but eyebrow for me is a must. If i leave the house without my eyebrows, i feel that i am just fugly. Lips are something that would make me look pretty, (i feel in my own opinion). Cz you can wear foundation nobody can tell, blusher is not really me. (i have natural blusher ><) and eyemake up for me isn’t really that obvious. So i’d go for the lips.
6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
This doesnt seem to be related to beauty. But lol. Maybe they just randomly fit it in. And I am NOT making this up….
To me, I think what I find most attractive in the opposite sex are the eyes. Next would be the way they talk and act around me. I think being able to make me feel comfortable and let me be who I really am is what attracts me the most. Because I would be comfortable. I hate those situation when I’m not myself. As in like the topics they talk and the things that tether say or do or how they perceive and look at things. It just makes me uncomfortable and trust me, they are times where I don’t understand a guy at all. As in the words and the topic he speaks, just doesn’t click along with me.
7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
What items? For a vain person like me, make up and skin care. LOL. Beauty accessories. Best gift ever. You can never go wrong with beauty junks with it comes to girls. But what I would LIKE MOST would be the Lancôme Genifique Activator, Lancôme Visionairre, SKII Facial Treattment Essence. Sonic Face Cleanser. … damn. the list just goes on and on i can tell you. LOL!
Tag anyone that reads this. And send me the link of yours at the comment box. :)

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