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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Quick update on current hair

Some of you may have know and noticed that my hair is no longer sleek straight and brassy bleached blonde. Two weeks ago I did a semi-permanent DIY hair-dye in pink, and I instantly fell in love with that color.

Unfortunately it only last after three washes... and also double unfortunate there is no suvh thing as pink shampoo in the market... they only had red shampoo. (I bought one from lakme last year which I still had) so I used that to color wash the enda of my hair.  They need more color shampoos. They are so much better than hair dyes and better for the hair and healthier too.. :D then we can have all the colors we want. Hahahahaa.

So, Rachael came back from UK and I asked her to help me buy a babylisspro 2298u 38mm curling thongs. Many people have asked why from UK, or why that one, is it because its good?  First things first, this is my first curling thongs, the one I have at home is my moms, its the standard cheap stainless steel (I think) at 28mm by philips. But I wanted a bigger curler, and a good one. But in malaysia there is very limited choices. The panasonic or philips are selling at over a hundred for the ceramics ones. What more babylisspro is not available in malaysia nor singapore and even if they do (mostly online stores or warehouses), they retails at rm300-400/sgd $150. Which is crazy!!! Rachael bought mine for only 20pounds, thats rm100 /sgd$45 (not exact price but estimate currency change).
For rm100 in malaysia I think I would only be able to get the normal material one with maybe 32mm only. So why not take that rm100 to buy a better one right? 

But apparently in Australia,  target is selling it for aud $30 only. So its the same as UK. Oh well. And extra information,  the babylisspro 2298u I now own is a ceramic tourmaline curling thongs that has a clamp. With four heat settings at 150/170/185/200 (in celcius).
As this is my first curling iron, I am not a professional in it. I needed to ask Rachael for tips and help to curling my hair. But practice makes perfect, so I have been trying out different ways and directions for the outcome and all. Unfortunately (again), my curls dont stay for more than an hour even though I had it sprayed. So they all look the same everyday by the time i go out till the end of the day. Maybe I need to put mousse or something before I curl it. Any tips to make it last?? :)

As labeled 1-8 are the different days and types and messes. Sometimes, they look so different in mirror but so much alike in photos. Hahahahaa. Again like i said i am not a professional in curling my hair, so my styles aren't perfect, they aren't long lasting and they are just everywhere. 

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hishop [Review]

For the past month, I've been seeing a pop-up add from this website at youtube and some website and I have never bothered to really click to have a look as I thought it was just some random advertisement scam or something. Because honestly, I haven't really heard of this website before. But one day i was just curious and i just clicked into it and I realized it was a shopping website, "was it trustable?" I thought to myself back then. 

So last week, as I was window shopping online as usual again, looking for deals and so on, I somehow went on hishop website and the first thing i saw was the promotion for the ePure Membranous Jelly Masque. Now, this was a product that I have heard from a friend but it was only sold in the packet sealed form that was selling at RM89.90 for 6 packets. (Each packet is the size of a face mask sheet packet) Looking at that price i was thinking, 6 packets for that price?? That means it's RM15 for one packet. (one usage per packet). So i didn't buy it despite all the good review it had. 

Then that day when i was looking through the website, i saw that they had the tub one. selling at RM130 for 250ml. At first i was a little hesitated, but it's better than paying RM89.90 for 6 packets! At least with the tub i get to control how much I want to use and it's easier to carry and store it around. So i bought only ONE. Even though they had a promotion of Buy 2 and above of any of ePure products and you get 10%.

I made the order online on Tuesday (16th July 2013). On Wednesday (17th July 2013) I received at email saying it has been dispatched. And on Thursday(18th July 2013) morning at 11am, I received the package. Talk about Efficiency!!! 

It was sent through Pos Laju, and it was sealed nicely. From the outside it looked like it has been carefully passed aroung rather than chucked and thrown around by the delivery man. 

After nicely cutting open the package with a blade, There inside was a bright neon pink box. It was a good quality box! Not the really cheap manilla card or dented re-used cardboard boxes. There were a few times i ordered something and the boxes they used were like re-used from another order because of all the marks and especially all the ducks tapes or don't know what kind of tapes. 

I really appreacite the effort of packaging, and I do keep boxes, especially the pretty ones. So nice pretty packaging boxes do get an extra point. :) 

The box wasn't sealed with any tape or so, It is the slided sealed kind, and it was pretty secure! Like i could trip and move the box around and the lid wouldn't flop open. Once open, inside was the ePure masqure in two layers of nicely bubble wrapped, the invoice of my order, three vouchers, and two natures&co sample. 

It was a realy thumbs up for their delivery, and service. Definitely gonna buy something that i would, but the only downside is that it doesn't really have much choices. I wish they had an online store like Sephora, which has practically everything and anything kind. but to is a must try. Just pop down to their website here  and see if anything catches your eye. 

Product review will be up next, stay tunee. :) 

Say hello to Chi Chi the Penguin. 

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Current Obsession/ June Favourites

Time is clicking by without us knowing, and it's already July. Today it's going to be a favourites blog, which i had quite some time figuring out which and what i would be posting about and finally i've gathered some bunch and list of stuff. In this post, there would be quite a long list and these are just like maybe 10-20% of my stack and it's what i favour and like among the shelves. On top of that, this is my very first favourite post, so there's going to be more as some are long term favourite and some could be temporary favourites. So i guess the next favourite post wouldn't be too long.

So here are the 25 that I have picked for the month.

1. Neautrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin 

2. Haruhada Collagen Cleansing Water

3. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

4. Naris Up Skin Conditioner Lotion VC

5. Haruhada High Concentrate Activator

6. SKii Facial Treatment Lotion

7. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

8. Bio-Essence Miracle Water

9. Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon SPF 50/PA+++

10. Lioele Magic Lip Treatment

11. BRTC Perfect Pore Clean II

12. Kate Powderless Liquid foundation for COVER

13. Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream

14. Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick by Kate

15. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque & Healing Oil Treatment

16. Ma Cherie Leave it Treatment Oil

17. Real Technique Core Set Brushes

18. Dr. G Dew Dew Drop Moisturizer

19. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Hydrofuge

20. Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder

21. Skin Lab Therapy Oil

22. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

23. Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

24. 1000hour Heated eyelast curler

25. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture

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Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil [Review]

Today, i’d be reviewing the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleasing Oil.
Before really purchasing this, i have really googled, searched and asked around for reviews and i can say to be honest there isn’t really much about this. Even on, the average rating for this is oly a 3.1 and only 44% would buy it again. with only 43 people reviewing on it. For some people it is amazing, for some it is crap and made skin worst, for some it didn’t remove well. So this is base on MY HONEST OPINOIN (not paid)
So, i received a 5ml sample of this quite some time ago and i didn’t really use it because
1. I have quite alot of cleansers from oil, to water to wipes to gel to name it, i’ve got it type.
2. It’s a sample size, so i normally only bring it and use it while i’m travelling and on tour.
3. Have mostly forgotten to bring while i’m on tour until now. LOL
4. None of my friends, or people i know or talk to has used this and told me about this before. So it never really occured to me or give me the urge to have it.
So, (As i will put this in every product review) my skin is sensitive combination skin. I’ve got sensitive skin that leads to mild rosecea. As well as oily t zone and dry cheeks. Oild eyelids as well.
So, as i’m away, i’ve been trying on these Wipes.
So these are my travel wipes. I mean they are easy and convenient. I normally use the Biore Cleansing Wipes. but they are expensive and this is a cheaper solution. IT DOES NOT give the same effect though. Though they are many other brand, but this is the best for the cheapest ones. RM14.90 per pack (30 sheets). I bought it at buy two for RM15. LOL. So had to try and review it right!! The Biore one would need one or two wipes to remove my face where these would take about five six wipes but the good thing about it is that it doesn’t tear my face apart. i rate this a 5/10. Would i repurchase this? Unless if i need something cheap and it’s on sale.
So, while i got tired of the wipes and wanted a deep cleansing for my face as i felt some break outs where coming out and it isn’t the time of the month yet. I decided to whip out the BB cleansing oil to give it a try. To my surprise, it was amazing…
The texture wasn’t thick oily kind, it was a a runny kind of oil. But yet it wasn’t getting into the lines of your fingers making your hand hand dripping oily. The scent… I gotta say i’m very picky with scents. One time this salesperson at SASA got pissed of at me because ei smelt everything i picked up and tested from lipstick to foundation to moisturizer to everything. And how i know she was pissed?? 1.) she gave me the face. 2.) she ended up telling me “This one no smell” this one the smell is okay. =.= even if she tells me is okay. i will STILL smell it. So the BB cleansing oil has a scent of jasmine with a combination of Lavender. I personally hate lavender. They remind me of toilets. But, with a use of this over my face, it didn’t make me feel like i was drowning in it! it was just a light scent!.
So, scent = PASS
Removing wise, it was perfect. From light make up to heavy make up. to even waterproof mascara. I admit, i look like a bruised panda or like i have black eye or so as the mascara, eyelinear and shadow where everywhere. But the good thing about it? When i rinse and wash my face. It doesn’t stay there!! There was one product that i use (it was cleansing oil) and it gave me the black eye look but when i rinsed and washed my face. the colors or my make up stayed!! like i ended up with make up on my brows and cheeks and black bruised eye. like WTF. i had to use wipes to wipe it off!
So, removing wise, perfect. 10/10
I’ve seen some reviews on having breakouts. and also saw that they use TWO to THREE PUMPS!! and to be honest, i think that’s too much. cz this is a product where a little goes a long way. ONE pump was enough for me. So, don’t use too much. Maybe try lessening it down. When i rinse and wash it, or when the oil touches water, it turns into a white milky liquid. Like the BIORE wet and dry cleansing oil. On top of everything, while removing my eye make up, it doesn’t sting my eye. I know the oil gets into my eye, and i don’t feel a thing. 
In terms of long term use? I’ve used my sample size for a week now. and to be honest, my skin feels better. That is why i purchase the full size bottle.  Maybe it’s call SOOTHING cleansing oil for a reason. I feel like i’ve got baby skin on my face again. the elasicity and the radiant is BACK AGAIN!
10/10 for after effects.
There is a reason it’s call the luxurious cleanser. I feel luxury. though the downside is the price. But hey! it is worth it! After going up and down and using so many brands from Shiseido to Lancome to Dior to all the brands sasa and watson would sell as well. I think i finally would come down to one that i would settle and repurchase it and love it.
- It’s easy to be used
- It doesn’t have a strong scent.
- I don’t need cotton pads anymore.
- I get a clean nice radiant bouncy face after that.
- No make up residue leftovers.
- It doesn’t sting my eye.
- I save money to repurchase cotton pads, and a different make up for eyes and lips.
- Requires one pump only.
- Does not feel oily, greasy, sticky as if i’m drowning in oil.
- The price ($60/RM150 for 200ml)
- Availability

Would i repurchase it? YES. DEFINATELY.
Would i recommend it? YES. YOU GOTTA TRY THIS OUT.
So let me know what do you think of this product and what is your favourite cleanser or make up remover.

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Friday, 5 July 2013

KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER [Review] - Repost & Update

This is a repost from my old blog. (As i have just newly moved over to blogspot and i have no idea how to transfer blog post. So i am doing repost & updates on the products. But if anyone knows how to import/export blogpost, please do let me know. ) 
So the first review was done in 4th February 2013 here, and it's already July, so after 5 months of using it, I can finally give a better update on a long-term use compared to a week/two first impressions use. 

KATE powderless liquid for COVER. Cover is the range of the product. i’m only doing a review on the foundation. As funny as the name sounds like ‘powderless liquid’ what it really means is that you don’t need powder for finishing set. OR to make it less oily looking. I’m not much of a foundation horde  because i haven’t come across one that i really really LOVE. i normally use moisturizer with SPF in it. To me, the number 1 thing to look for is SPF. The other reason why i rarely go for foundation is because as all Malaysian knows how humid and hot the whether is, it will just make my face even oily, sticky and greasy looking. So unglam.
Foundation or tinted moisturizer that i’ve used are:
1. Loreal paris leteint TRUE MATCH super blendable liquid foundation SPF17 | PA++ (i’ve bought two bottles)
2. Nuskin Nucolour Moisture Shade Liquid Finish SPF15
3. Loreal paris Matte Morphose Souffle foundation NO SPF (due to the no spf, that’s why it’s not in my TOP favourite number 1 foundation.
4. MAC Prep+Prime Fortified Skin Enchancer Illuminateur De Teint SPF35 | PA+++ (this is my love hate foundation product)
5. Maybelline CLEAR SMOOTH Shine Free Clear Stick BBStick SPF 21 | PA +++ (the only thing that is comes in a stick form, so it’s very troublesome but good for touchup. but the smell puts me off)
Update: My stack of foundation have definately increased, especially with BB Creams. 
So that’s the five foundation that i have. or more. And adding on to the collection that instantly became the number one TOP foundation and the foundation that i would repurchase and try and make an effort to be loyal to it? the KATE powderless liquid for COVER.  (this is not sponsored or advertisement. this is my own personal review)
2013-01-25 18.24.50Is it good? and why is it? I’ll try my best to explain it. But first of all, everyone has different skin so it might or might not work on you.
I’d like to clarify that i have sensitive skin, where i have minor rosacea, so it’s really important against heavily chemical, alcohol or sensitive skin. As well as Combination skin where my T-zones are oily but my cheeks are dry.

So what makes powderless liquid different than the others? The main formula is that it turns into powder in 15 seconds! REALLY!!! no lying no joke. It’s a foundation that doesn’t require face powder, so you save powder in getting one, and also save time in getting one. It has the power of smoothness of a liquid foundation and beautiful finish of powder all in one 30ml bottle.
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.31.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.16.32 PMIt comes in a plastic small bottle which is really easy to be carried around. And it’s a small stubble shape. damn cute. HAHA .. It has a very smooth texture when you pump it out. One pump can use up for one face. So unless you have a big face, you’d need two pumps. I don’t normally use a brush for foundation because i hate it as i can see the lines and it’s not smoothen out properly and sometimes i like to gently pat it to cover all areas. It glides on and smooths out really nicely, but yet it’s not watery or icky. It is odorless, so i don’t smell anything. (i hate foundation that smells really strong. i call it the foundation smell. LOL)
2013-02-04 17.50.46

I use the are between my thumbs and fingers because you can see the lines of the skin and i can test out how it works on bumps, pores and wrinkles. 2013-02-04 17.50.59

During. i place one small pump. The shade i am using is the lightest. BR-C2013-02-04 17.51.17And after 15 seconds. Notice how it’s not cakey and it blends well.

The problem with many products is that it’s always amazing on the first few try, but after your skin adapts to it, it changes. So that was why i waited for two weeks to use it to actually write up a proper honest opinion/review on it but not base on first impression.
With this product i can apply blusher over it without using another layer of finishing powder. I really like it because i prefer to minimize the layer of make up that i have to use.
- It’s small and easy to use. It’s plastic, unlike glass which will break when i drop it.
- It has a pump which is pretty easy to be used and controlled.
- It blends into your skin and after oxidation it turns into powder as well as blending into your skin color to the closest it can.
- Does not dry out or crease throughout the day and it is suitable for sensitive skin as well as combination skin.
- It has NO SCENT
- It saves up money in buying another finishing powder.
- It is not oily, nor is it watery.
- Does not smudge or wear off easily.
- Gives you a matte finishing looking but not a dull look.
- the price. LOL

Would i repurchase it even for the price? YES. Would i recommend it? YES.

After using this for five months, i can say this is my 'go-to' foundation. It is quick, as i skip the step of using a loose powder or finishing powder to set it and mattify my face as i have combination oily skin currently. Among all the foundation + BB creams that i own, this foundation, by far gives me the BEST coverage that i am looking for. It actually gives me a flawless look, so for that. i give it another star. :D
A few of my friends and some people have asked me about this product ever since i first wrote that review. and some of the questions are. 
1. Does it dry out as it turns into foundation? 
No, it doesn't. Unless if you have super dry or dry skin, like any other foundation that would dry out, then it will as well. But you should always get a good moisturizer. 
2. How long does the powder effect stay?
I'd say for at least 4-6 hours for me. UNLESS, you've been running up and down, jogging OR been under the rain and sun for long hours. 
3. How fast do i have to apply it before it turns into powder?
This product doesn't literally turns into powder. You would first pump it on your hand/palm if you are taking your time to apply, only the top layer starts turning into powder. s..l...o...w.....l.....y.....
4. Should i use a brush, sponge or fingers?
I would say for this, use fingers, it's easier and faster. A brush and sponge would absorb your foundation and for products that oxidize like this. I wouldn't suggest so. 

Extra tip, If you are looking for a better coverage, you could build up by applying a few layers. :)
For any more questions, feel free to comment, email or tweet me. 

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

3D Arbutin Essence Mask by BeauuGreen [Review]

While i was in Singapore, there was the midyear sale. And mask, was friggin cheap. It's like $1 for one. BUy 2 free 1 promotions or $2 for a mask and buy 10 free 2 kind. Me and le sis splurged quite alot on facemask and eyemask as there had SOOOOOOO many range and types. 
no kiddin!! In malaysia, you could only get like 10% of what they had on shelves. To kind to think of it it was cheap too! I mostly bought different brands in different essence and effects as i wanted to try them out before buying more than one. The only one i went back to buy MORE was the Garnier Sakura White face mask (Short Review here) which was amazing!!! 

The rest i decided to try it out before liking it and purchasing it. Today's review and facemask was from the $2 sale in watsons singapore. the 3D Arubutin Essence Mask by BeauuGreen. This brand isn't really that famous, (website here) and it was the first time i was seeing it. I thought to myself. "What is so 3D about this?

The back of the packaging was filled with korean words. WHICH i do not understand at all. Maybe i should start learning what it says. LOL. BUT luckily enough they had a small English section at the bottom on how to along with the ingredients. 

The ingredients listed are: 
Water, Caprylyl Glycol (and) Caprylhydroxamic Acid (and) Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Carbonmer940, Allantoin, Phentonol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Arbutin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. 

This mask, was really funny. When i peeled the packet and took the mask out. i was like 'wtf'. LOL It was folded into half, without any pearl paper or mask holding sheet, and they had these folded/sewed/sealed section (see photo below). Which made me stare at it for about 30 seconds thinking what to do and HOW while i was taking the photo. 

As i peeled it open, I was like 'ohhhhhh' but then it still didn't really make much sense, it had a line right in the middle of my face, that's where the seal section goes. I think this would work better on someone with a bigger face. LOL. 

So, this was an ACTUAL 3D mask. because it wasn't flat, it was a 3-dimension mask due to the middle sealed section. so there's like a hooded chin, which is good as it tucks in that chin and also gives it a some lifting effect. BUT the downside of it was quite wtf. LOL. and i had a smaller face, so it didn't really fit that well. 

After leaving it on for 20 minutes, my face was cold, wasn't too bad. I rate it at 6/10. 

Would i repurchase it?
I doubt, as it didn't fit me well, i might spend it on another face mask. 

Would i recommend it?
I might, you could give it a try. As i always say, "if you never try, you'd never know". 

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Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance [Review]

Trying out the new garnier skin natural sakura white pinkish radiance intensive whitening face mask with sakura extract. 

Short Review.
Am really amazed with this mask.. the sheet itself is a slight baby pink in color rather than the usual white cotton sheet mask.
I really like this sheet as it didn’t fall out or peel off my mask ( there are some face mask who are annoyingly enough not to stick to the face ). Or it isnt dripping wet with essence. I hate that. Cz its gonna drip into my eye. Or down my neck into the cleavage. Just a mess and I end up not being able to do anything but lie down in bed.

The effect was really good. I only tried one sheet for $2. It did give a little pink radiance. But overall long lasting? I doubt. But don’t all mask feel moisturising and nice right after it? In the 15 minutes while putting it on. I felt my face getting firmer. So maybe there is a slight positive there. But!! One thing good about this is, when it dries up, it didnt stick to my face… there was a mask I used and it stuck to my face when it dried up and I ended up having to peel it off my face.

Would i buy it again?


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