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Monday, 24 November 2014

10 weeks of BIG BEAUTY THRILL with LOREAL [contest]

We all know the brand Loreal Paris. 

From today, until the 31st December 2014. Loreal Paris is holding a contest with amazing weekly prize and a grand prize car which is worth more than RM100,000!! (That is one hundred thousand!) So for 10 weeks straight, Loreal will be giving out their weekly prize to high spenders. Asides that, you get DAILY PRIZES too!!! Hamper worth RM100 x 3 Daily! and also Poh Kong prize total worth RM7,500 are part of their weekly mystery gifts!

So what do you have to do to win?

(how to enter)
1. Spend a minimum or RM20 on Loreal Paris products
2. Upload a photo of your receipt (as proof)
3. Answer the question. 
4. Repeat step 1-3 to increase your chance. 


You may also find more information on their Facebook page

So what you waiting for? Get your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair serum, face wash for you and your partner, makeup and everything else! Buy them for your friends and relatives as christmas presents too!! But don't forget to keep the receipts and submit your entries!!!

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Saturday, 22 November 2014


I've reached to an age where I have become so vain that I sleep with my products next to me and my room/cupboard/floor is literally flooded with skincare and makeup products because I have become so obsessed with it. I think I took a photo and show you guys, you would think I'm an unorganised pig. =P

You know there's a saying "No Pain, No Gain". Back in those days, whenever someone looks different, had their nose done or did botox, people would say "So plastic!" why? It's because of plastic surgery. (Kinda think of it, I don't know why they have to use the word plastic, why not fixing surgery or silicone surgery. LOL Since silicone would be used more than plastic right?) Anyway, we have always had that mind-set that it is scary, we have seen many famous people and celebrities who has went under the knife and things didn't go so well. Michael oh michael. why didn't you wait? LOL

Back in those days, the only way to do it was to go under the knife, guess Michael couldn't wait. But it is also thanks to Michael and many other people that doctors and researchers have found a new way to introduce beauty without a knife to the society and the world. 

I was really happy that I was introduced to one of Malaysia and Singapore's top aesthetic clinic, Ido's Clinic. Yes. not surgery is done here, no anaesthesia needed and no blood spilling out.

I was invited to a party at Ido's Clinic at Setia Walk where we got up close and personal with their consultants, doctors and event live demo. Not to mention, we had games and free treatment vouchers and free treatments as well! 

Kudos to all the awards and recognition they have. They had two walls full of these. 

One thing that really caught my attention was the deco, interior design and the setting of the whole place. 

It didn't look like a normal clinic, it looked like a home. 

Where got so homey one!! Usually spas looks and feels like hotel resorts and clinic usually looks and feels like the hospital. LOL 

See their stairs looks so nice. I think if i show you just this stairs, you wouldn't believe that it's a clinic as well. 

Asides the deco and the setting, the people were really lovely and friendly. Thumbs up to that, there are some places that I go to for facial or waxing or massage where most of the people in there will ignore me or give me one kind of look. And sometimes it feels so awkward and unpleasant being there. 

They decorated the place with balloons just for us!! Those who knows me would know how obsessed I am with balloons. :D Everyone's a kid at heart right?

We started off with a treasure hunt game where we had to find either 
1) Voucher envelopes
2) Products 

I was lucky enough to spot one of the vouchers behind the photo frame right info front of me. AND the product under MY CHAIR!!! The chair I was sitting in. So within 10 minutes, I had the two items. But little did I know later that we can only decide on either the voucher or the product. So i gave up the product. 

After that we had a aesthetic seminar where we got to know much more about the aesthetic treatments and benefits. It was really an eye-opener to know so much about them and know the truth behind the myths and conspiracy. 
From lifting to pigmentation to darkcircles to fillers and botox. Even double eyelid procedures and scaring. They do them all. Safe, Efficient, FDA approved and results proven. 

Ido's clinic is a comprehensive chain of skin, laser and aesthetic clinics focusing on evidence based. New technology innovations to restore and enhance your skin, face and body. It is where beauty, art and medicine become one. 

From their brochure. 

I am really impressed with aesthetic as it really shows what technology has advanced. I truly believe that makeup or any aesthetic is meant to enhance your beauty and not totally change your feature or face. Just few days ago, I read a news online that they are many people who entered Korea are detained when they leave the country. Mainly it's because they were there for plastic surgery and they look totally different and the customs and immigration won't let them through because it didn't match their passport photos. #truestory 

The seminar was presented by Dr. Lucas Chia, Medical Director. 

"Beauty is like money, it is never enough. But we are not here to change your looks, we are here to enhance your looks. We don't want to make you look different, we just want to make you look better. "

After the seminar, we had a live demo to show us how some of the treatments were done. 

The eye cover damn small and cute, looks like swimming goggles. LOL Laser treatment isn't something new and it isn't something that is very old as well. I remember about 2 years about my brother had laser treatments to cure his severe acne and scaring. It really helped him a lot. But guess he's a guy and he didn't care much. LOL 

Revile treatment live demo being done on one of their staff. I could smell a slight burning scent, but it's nothing to be worry about. :D 
Dr. Leung, who is one of the top aesthetician did the demonstration and she also let some of the girls test it out on their hands. 

Next, the SAME STAFF got a nose filler demonstration for us. An actual nose filler procedure was done! Not just a demo or what. I couldn't bare to see needles being poked into her face cause I felt like I was going to puke or faint, so i just turned my back around. 

Here's me and Dr Lucas Chia, he insisted me on sitting on the chair. LOL. and started making funny faces. This photo wasn't posed. It was a candid shot by Bella and i love it. :D 

My free treatment vouchers brochure, and information about them. 
Did I consider doing anything after visiting them?
Yes. Double eyelids. LOL. 

Ido's Clinic currently has a total of 11 outlets in Malaysia. 

If you are interested in their treatments and what they can offer, you may visit them at 

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Thursday, 20 November 2014


It's the time of the year again! Top Asia Corporate is back again this year!! Last year, 2013, over 1000 CEOs, business owners, celebrities and personalities across Malaysia and Asia made the occasion a memorable one.

The Top Asia Corporate Ball is the moment where everyone awaits all year long and this year, 2014, it would be held tomorrow night 21st November 2014!! at the Palace of The Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur.

Highlights of the 2014 Corporate Ball:

  • All night celebration affair
  • Showcase of luxury products
  • Cocktail reception
  • Red carpet photo session
  • Special performances
  • Recognition session 
  • Dinner

There will be shows and entertainment by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Zainalabidin, Harith Iskandar and other international celebrities. 

Unfortunately to many others, this even is an exclusive event which you need an invitation. If you do,  have fun and don't forget to stand a chance to win exclusive gifts by hashtagging through instagram!!

All you have to do is 
1. Follow @top10magazines
2. Hashtag #topasiacorporateball2014

And the photo with the most likes will have higher chances. :D 
So start hashtagging!! 

This event is supported by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia Ministry of Tourism and Culture; Sponsored by Exim Bank and Great Eastern; Partnered with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars; Official Hotel Palace of the Golden Horse Kuala Lumpur. 

An extra information. 
Top 10 is a premier business, people and lifestyle english magazine that is owned and published by RHA Media Sdn Bhd (Research House of Asia). This magazine is about successful business, people and inspiring lifestyle and events across Asia. Top 10 reaches out to targeted readers in the region of 100,000 through print and online media. Of course, like it's name, Top 10 features a number of ranking through surveys and information to beat up to it's name. 

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Monday, 10 November 2014

GWENBEAUTY || Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Review [tried and tested]

Bare Minerals has recently launched a new foundation; it is the Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20.

I have the award winning Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 as well as the Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15. So I will be doing a slight comparison between them as well.

Bare Minerals' new serum foundation was launched in April 2014, but it wasn't until about a month ago or two it was brought into Malaysia. So it still is fairly new here. I first knew about this product through itsjudytime when she did her first impression review comparison here in June and this is why I am really happy when Sephora Malaysia brought them in. :D

So what is it?
It is a breakthrough tone-correcting mineral foundation and skincare serum in one.

What does it do? 
It creates exceptional purity in mind with this ultra thin, skin perfecting fluid that provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin while delivering a noticeable brighter, more youthful appearance.

Research results (according to bare minerals): 
- 100% of women experienced more even-toned skin immediately after application
- 95% of women experienced a measurable improvement in the appearance of dark spots.

What It Is Formulated to Do

Vitamin C 
This skin-brightening superpower is known to fade existing dark spots and discolorations for more even-toned skin. 
Lilac Plant Stem Cells 
Lilac plant stem cells are recognized for their exceptional healing abilities and are known to provide powerful antioxidant protection. We extract these cells, fortify them with our unique mineral complex and infuse them into our formula to improve the appearance of skin and help it defend against environmental stressors. 
Titanium Dioxide 
This non-chemical, mineral sunscreen provides broad spectrum SPF 20 protection against the sun's damaging rays.

Full ingredient
Titanium dioxide 11.0%, caprylic/capric triglyceride, coconut alkanes, silica, stearalkonium, hectorite, lecithin, glycerin, maltodextrin, coco-caprylate/caprate, jojoba esters, propylene carbonate, tocopheryl acetate, soil minerals/syringa vulgaris (lilac) leaf cell culture extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, mica, iron oxides

The Bareminerals serum foundation, known as BARESKIN comes in 20 shades. Thumbs up for that as it gives you a better selection on your skin tone from cool, warm and neutral. Rather than most foundation that comes in light, medium and dark.

The color that I use is Bare Porcelain 01. I had to hunt this color down and went to three sephora outlet to search for it because they did not carry many stock in this shade. But luckily I manage to grab myself the last one in Paradigm Mall.

My thoughts on this. 
So, a serum foundation huh. We've had liquid foundation, cream foundation, power foundation, pressed foundation, stick foundation and now we have serum foundation. I know many people have the concern that it would make your face oily or greasy because it's a serum. But let me tell you. It is NOT. I was pretty skeptical about at first, but after testing it on my hands a few times, I decided to purchase it to give it a shot since they were many positive reviews on it and I have their mineral foundation so it can't go that bad right?

If you read the instructions, it says to

Oh yea! This foundation comes with a brush that you have the option to purchase separately which I didn't.

Why didn't I buy it?
 It looks like this
screenshot from

As you can see, the it's a flat dense brush but it has a hole in the middle. Not really a hole, but like lower brush level. LOL well, you know what I mean. First reason of not buying the brush is because I already have three flat dense brush and I can't see myself using this brush for any other product, so I decided to try my own brushes to see if it works and it isn't a necessary to use this brush. I've seen people using the beauty blender or sponge to apply this as well. 

I have bought this for about two weeks and have tried applying different ways, one thing I CAN say is that, there is not fix way of application. As long as you SHAKE WELL and apply it evenly it works well. You got to shake it because the foundation and the serum is in the bottle and you have to shake it to mix it well. I think that's cause it's a serum. 

Just because this is a serum foundation don't think you can skip your skin care. That's a BAD HABIT! This just means you get extra benefits. 

Another plus point is that it has SPF20. If you know me well, you would know how picky I am with sunscreen and SPF20 is a good number. It gives you a coverage of three and a half hour of sun exposure. So when I apply it in the morning before I go to work, I am covered during lunch. :D (I damn puteri lilin - means a princess who cannot go under the sun, literally) LOL

The consistency of the product is quite runny, not as bad as Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, it's slightly thicker than that and similar to 3CE Waterful Foundation. 

I would say the coverage is light to medium, build-able of course. But what I do is that I conceal my dark circles first with either my MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW15 or Bobbi Brown Corrector Bisque. Then I apply BARESKIN evenly and if there are any blemishes or extra that I need to cover I will apply my concealer again. 

I have Rosecea which is not new so I have sensitive red skin. I usually have to apply primer or a corrector to reduce the redness. Certain foundation or BB cream can cover it that is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to me to be able to correct my skin tone. I can tell you. THIS DOES THE JOB WELL. :D Without making me look like a white canvas. 

I've got oily combination skin and after wearing this for the whole day from 8.30am till 11pm at night, there isn't any problem at all. And my oily areas doesn't get EXTRA oily neither does my dry spots reveal. 

Another problem with liquid foundation that i sometimes get is that it gets streaky during the application. but this foundation did not have the issue regardless what brush or how i applied it. I really like this foundation because it has a dewy look and I have received many compliments on my skin. I know I am blessed to have good skin and I did not have any acne problem when I was a teenager. So applying this just made me skin look perfectly flawless. 


The original advertisement for BARESKIN. 

Would I recommend it?
If you are looking for a dewy finish, flawless finish then yes. If you are more towards the matte look then I would advise you to stay away. If you decide to get this, try out a few shades and wear them not he whole day before purchasing them.

This product is available at SEPHORA MALAYSIA and retails at RM139. The brush is sold separately.

So here is a picture ive taken for four differenxe wearing the BARESKIN under different time and different lighting on the day. 

What do you think of this product or serum foundation?  Do you think it would be a hit or miss? 

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Eyebrow Embroidery: I FINALLY DID IT!!!

26th October 2014

Today i finally did it!! Something that ive veen wanting to do for a really long time. I understand it may not seem like a big deal to many people. But to me. It is.

I know many people would say "if u wanna do it. Just do it."

But the thing about me. I wouldnt do it if my bf is uncomfortable with it. Whats the point? It took me one year to persuade him to allow me to do it and to be comfortable with it. 

“Hes not a controlling guy. I just dont like uncomfortable situations ”

Many people would say, "if u wanna do it then just do it la. Its ur life ur decision. Why bother what others say?"

It does to me. As its something on my face, and i dont want my bf to hate it or be uncomfortable with it and force to look at me everyday with it.

Then everytime he see me hed be unhappy!! Who wants that?? 

So after a year, with many help of friends and many months of pointing out girls eyebrows and telling him

1. Its not a tattoo
2. It doesnt turn purple
3. Its no longer the old technology used by those aunties 

You wouldnt believe how happy i was the day he said
"Ahya.go do eyebrows only la! The one at ipoh same as weiwei."

Literally jumped. :D 

“That was when i made an appointment to do it. So exciteds!!!! (Theres an s cause so many excitements!!!) ”

Was suppose to do it ytd. But then was late so had to do it today. Weeeee.

Reached the place at 12.50 and the lady removed my eyebrows makeup.

Here is a picture of me with my eyebrows makeup

So this is how i usually draw my eyebrows which takes 15 mins everyday. 

This is how my original eyebrows look like.
Barely anything there. LOL. 

After they removed the makeup, they applied numbing cream and sticked the clear foil over my brows.

I was sensitive to the numbing cream so wherever it was applied it became red. But then it was still okay. 

Numbing cream was applied for 20 minutes. After that it was time to draw my brows. Took the lady 20 minutes to draw them till satisfaction because i totally had no shape or nothing else.

I know it looks abit off but its just a rough outline and shape. I didnt wanna go the typical arch. And i was very fussy also. Hahahaa. 

Then it all started. I was panicking abit cause i didnt know how painful it was and would i be startled and jump? What if i jump and it poke my eye or something? Lol. 

Definately felt it. Some areas were abit painful, but she dripped this serum oil that eased abit.

She did the right eye first. Then moved to the left eye. But by then, the numbing cream effect wasnt so effective. So i started feeling the pain. 

I couldnt close my eyes and sleep. Because i could feel the pain more. So i was surfing facebook and taking videos. LOL 

Had to trim the video to 15 seconds.

I know it looks exactly like a tattoo. I dont know if it feels like it cause ive never done a tattoo before. But i guess should be somehow similar. 

And yes i took selfies and camwhored during the procedure. LOL.

“In the end..... ”

Dont mess with me yo!!! 

This doesnt last forever.

Badly taken care will be 1 year. Taken care with great love up to 5 years. :D

AND!!! i dont look like this for the next five years!! Its just for four days until it peels and come off.

Stay tune for my updates. :)

Do i look fierce?? Hahaha. For once my brows look thicker than fattys.

Does it hurt?
The procedure was still bearable but an hour after the procedure. OMG. That numbing cream wore off and the pain came. LOL.

Even with the numbing cream i felt a slight pinch pain. I cannot imagine without it. 

After that went out yum cha somemore.

Ok. Laugh laugh laugh. Hmph.

29th October 2014 
It has started to peel and itch REALLY BAD!!!

And i resulted in cutting my bangs back because those sin chan brows were too much to take. Everyone was staring and everyone was looking. ANDDD everyone was asking. Fatty was like "NO!!!!! Leave your bangs!!"

i'm like "my bangs will grow.." 

31st October 2014
It has finally peeled all. Not sure if it will peel a second layer or what. But i not longer have sin chan brows. :D I now have pretty brows. BUAHAHAHHAHAA