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Friday, 27 March 2015

gwenbeauty || Cleaning my bb cushion sponge

When @lovelumi posted a photo and wrote about cleaning her bb cushion sponge with all that foundation left. It reminded me that i have not washed mine and had to do it. 

I usually wash my beauty blender, concealer and foundation brush every two/three uses. But the one and only thing I've never washed was my bb cushion sponge. That was maybe when they first started selling the bb cushion, the sponge was one of the selling point of being antibacterial and all that. 

So, I decided to take out my laneige bb cushion to wash it. Thinking about it, ive had this for about a year and I've never washed it. (I know! Eww right!) 
This is how it looks like before the wash. Fyi, i still use this and its not like a thrown/unwanted sponge. 
Took me a while to figure out how to wash it. Because unlike the beauty blender, this was not built to go through everyday wash and i was afraid it might break when im washing or rubbing it. 

The minute i poured the brush cleanser and squeezed the sponge. I was horrified. 

First rinse.. after about 3 minute of gentle squeezing. I poured the brush cleanser again as i could still see foundation on the sponge. 

2nd rinse. How is this possible!! 
Third rinse i decided to just use a little bit of the brush cleanser as i didnt want to waste it. There was still so much more i was horrified and by the third rinse. It has been about 5 minutes. 
Four rinse. By this time, im not sure if cleaning the sponge is possible at all. LOL. But as you can see its getting cleaner. 

So after another 2 wash. ( a total of 6 wash) 


Lesson learnt:: clean your makeup brush/sponged.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Google doesn't like GST

Sometimes you get the funniest answers from Google Translate. But today, this hit the Social Media and it's just hilarious. 
Google translate from Malay to English. 

I know that the Google Translate can be edited just like Wikipedia. But it's just #toofunnytonotshare

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Saturday, 21 March 2015


I've always been a fan of Japanese food. Sushi and sashimi and all that ramen and the list goes on. Funny that I love the korean language and korean skincare and all, but I prefer the Japanese food over Korean food. lol 

Anyway, if you're from Malaysia, you should know Sushi Zanmai by now. It's almost everywhere. It wasn't recently until I knew that Sushi Zanmai was actually owned by a 'company' call Supersushi. They own Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Hokkaido Ichiba (my favourite place), Ozen Zanmai, Zen, Sushi Zen... so many right wtf. I actually suspected Hokkaido and Sushi Zanmai were the same because the menu and logo were damn similar. and i was right. 

Sushi Zanmai and Hokkaido Ichiba is definately one of the top ten japanese sushi restaurant to go in KL. 

I don't usually order the sets whenever I go for Japanese cuisine because I feel it takes the joy out of it. LOL. How can you not have nigiri sushi?? 

Salmon Mentaiyaki - Salmon/Belly Nigiri Sushi is one thing, but for the past two year, mentaiyaki has been coming up and you can see it everywhere. and best of all, it's actually DAMN NICE. #gwenapproved

Just in case you didn't know, mentaiyaki is actually marinated pollock roe. Some call it mentai sauce, mentaiyaki, mentaiko (similar just different spelling. ) 

Yakiniko Don - Beef fillet with onion on rice. This is like one of the simplest recipe. But you know they say sometimes they easy ones are the hardest? It's true. The trick for yakiniko don is the beef. If it's too dry, or over cooked, or too raw, or not marinated well, the whole dish deduct points. lol 
I don't usually order a don by myself cause I won't be able to finish my order food. So fatty usually orders it and I nibble from him. 

Edamame - Not everyones favourite, but it's my kind of french fries. :) 

Salmon platter. lol how can anyone resist this. #nuffsaid 

Who's a sushi/japanese fan as well? Share what is your worst/best experience or where is your favourite place. 

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

GST and Me [My thoughts]

When the government announced that they were going to launch a new GST system. I was like "meh! another government political tactics to just eat each other's money." 

Then the citizens and the people started throwing fuss and getting angry towards the government to the point; wherever you go, whoever you meet, the topic was GST. I have never seen everyone so united before. Not even during the election period. Even the topic of CNY 2015 was all about this whole GST. 

It wasn't until ONE DAY, someone posted on Facebook and people around started saying "eh. beauty products, salon, spa and massages also will be affected with GST!" 


That is it. WHAT IS THIS SHIT!!!! 

I usually don't give a damn if it's not related to me or does not affect me. But when i heard that it's affected the beauty industry, I got so angers and the first thing I thought was "wtf now i have to pay more?????"

Yes, they say earning women's money is the biggest industry which I strongly agree but that does not mean I agree in paying more. Hence I started googling and searching more about this. 

Turns out. 

Beauty services such as hair salon, manicures, body and spa, massages, facial treatments, IPL, waxing, threading and so on so forth beauty related. You'll have to pay an extra 6% GST. (whether or not you have to pay 10% service charge is subjected to matter) 

Not to mention, 

ALL BEAUTY PRODUCTS SKINCARE AND COSMETICS related will have 6% extra. #damnit 

So all you ladies out there, eyeing that Clarisonic or SKII treatment? Any high end luxury item? Get it by end of the month, if not you would have to get it oversea. LOL. 

*The reason why I bought my Clarisonic last week so that I wouldn't have to pay the obvious difference. LOL 

If you want to find out more about GST; to know what is affected and what isn't. You may check out <here

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

gwenbeauty || Innisfree in malaysia

When Innisfree was finally opening a store in Malaysia. The entire country (well almost) was so excited that many rushed over for their grand opening launch. 

A friend even tagged me to join them. But i was like heck no am i going to line up for that. 

but that didn't mean I didn't take the opportunity to drop by at their store the week they were open. I had to right! How could I miss this?? At first I wasn't sure about the price of their products, but when I went there, it was cheaper than I expected #seriousshit 

They were quite a number of people which I wasn't surprise seeing that it's quite a famous brand and newly launch in Malaysia. Next thing I knew, I grabbing face mask and spent an hour in the shop and walked out with a membership and paper bag. 

 Innisfree haul that cost is less than RM80 and free gift as well. 
Check out my post on that day (link)

The downside of Malaysia is that, you can't get everything anywhere. For example, Nars is only available in Pavilion! Bad enough for those who stay out of the city, it is so troublesome to go to Pavilion just for it. What more those who don't even stay in the same state. 

BUT NOW. the good news is that. You don't have to go all the way to Sunway Pyramid to purchase Innisfree. HERMO.MY sells it already!!! 

You may check them out here <link>


And the price is even the same or cheaper. So thumbs up for not being pricier. 

I got so excited I bought like 6 Innisfree items from them. #notsponsored 

So for those who stay in Penang, Ipoh, JB and even Sabah and Sarawak. You may now get genuine Innisfree products. LOL. 

Check them out at 
for more information. 


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Gwenbeauty || Get Ready with me :: Chinese New Year 2015

So, I've finally filmed my first makeup tutorial look. A very amateur video and I hope you see at least something out of it. :)