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Monday, 12 May 2014

Caviar Cream Leave In Hair Perfector - Alterna CC Cream for your hair [Review]

We have all heard of BB creams and CC Creams for face. But have you ever heard of CC Cream for your hair?? Well, you might and might not have.. 

Today I would be reviewing you a CC cream for hair. 

Usuall, CC Cream stands for "Cover Complexion" or "Color Correcting"or "Complete Correction"; it all depends on what the brand calls it. For this CC cream for your hair, it is call the 'CAVIAR CREAM'. 

Caviar, also known as fish eggs, is one of the best and expensive ingredient for anti-aging. And not often we come across a product that we can afford and get off the shelves without thinking that contains Caviar. But THIS Caviar Cream for your hair? It is definitely worth investing in it. 

Those we know me would have known how I bleached my hair and change the colours of my hair. I even have chemical meltdown before, whereby my hair just melts and fall off it's root or breaks by itself, like literally just touching it. Conditioner is useless to me, I use treatment and hair mask as my daily conditioner. 

So when I came across this Caviar Cream at Sephora Malaysia. I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning. Not knowing or if it is just the labels, packaging and all that, there wasn't any advertisement and I haven't heard of it before. But there was a tester there and i just tested it out on one side of my hair. .... and i left. 

Few hours later, i walked around the mall realising that one side of my hair was tamer than the other, which was the side i applied the cream. I was amazed and couldn't decide whether or not to purchase it. In the end, I did. (LOL.. how else would i be doing a review right??)

So the Caviar Cream CC Cream is by a brand call Alterna Haircare. It comes in a 74ml pump tube. (quite interesting and thumbs up for that) I have always fancy pump tubes, it's a really love and hate kind of situation. But it always gives me that fancy feeling. Maybe just cause it's different. 

For a 74ml tube size, it fits in my hands perfectly. 

List of ingredients that they have stated out. 

One thing is that, they claim to be 
Free Of: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Color, Paraffin, Gluten, DEA/TEA, Mineral Oil & Petrolatum

It's a plus there cause we all know how Parabens and Sulfates harms your skin and hair. One thing is that, Silicon IS in this product, so for those who are aware of it, maybe you don't like it, or you are allergic to it. Take note.

This product claims to be a miracle leave-in product that delivers 10 benefits in one easy step and in one product; leaving hair perfect polished. 

*taken from the sephora website about it. 

So how do i like it overall? 
One thing I can say that, it is amazing. It is not oily and doesn't make my hair greasy and flat at the end of the day even though it still manages to tame my hair. There are many hair products that I have tried where it gives me smoothness but flattens my hair and gives me that greasy scalp look, which i HATE the most. SO I was really amazed with the result. Another plus point is that it doesn't have that sticky residue on my hands after applying them. 

Another thing about this product is the scent. It smells different, maybe it's the citrus, there is a hint of lemon, but yet it is not strong. So those who are sensitive to scents, fear not. 

I am amazed with this product because it is also heat protecting and UV protecting. I can style my hair or go under the sun with no fear. Many of us are aware of how much damage the sun can do to our skin, but now much are aware of what the sun can do to our hair as well.  In the end of the day, my hair is better, bouncier, much more airy and doesn't feel weighed down. 

So if you're looking for an anti-again hair cream, why not give this a try? Prevention is always better than cure, we all take good care of our skin, but how many of us bother about our hair? 

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Short Hair

Those who knows me would already have known how much I have loved playing around with my hair in terms of colours and style. 

I went from Ombre Blonde. 

TO being a full redhead...
which i miss it really much but the only problem with redheads is that, the maintenance of the hair colour is really very time-effort. 

One weekend, le-boyfie came down to KL from Singapore. Brought me to the salon and tadah! 

Yes, Hair is short now. (Short at the inner back) 

It's been almost a month and I am still not used to it. BUT, hair growth is much more noticeable. I do not have anymore damage bleached ends, so therefor I do not have any blondes left. So sad. I miss being blonde, but it damages my hair sooooooooo much. I guess I would have to leave it nice and keep it good until it is long then only bleach it. :D 

I guess there is only ONE style I can do with short hair, So my hot rollers, and most of my hot stylers and styling tools and products are back in the cupboard till next time when hair is long enough to be played with. 

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