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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


How often do you reflect on yourself? or more like... Do you even know what reflection is?

Reflection means mirroring back, literally. Look into a mirror, you see yourself. THAT is a reflection.

Reflection also means putting in consideration or serious thought into something. So Self-Reflection meaning.... Putting in consideration and serious thought about YOURSELF. 

I get many questions like "What do you mean think about yourself? I don't understand!" This is because in Malaysia, and even Singapore; our culture is not exposed to a habit of self-reflecting. On the other hand, many people misunderstand the meaning of self-reflection as well. 

If you are a blogger, writer, author, someone who writes a diary. Whatever you write, is a reflection of yourself. And even as a reader, you put in deep thought into things you read. But reading and writing is just a "hobby" you write when you are in primary school because that is what 80% of your classmates write and you don't know anything else and writing being lazy and watching TV is not allowed. 

THE BEST OF YOU is a self reflection social awareness movement. Damn long right the name. Break it down to 

Self- Reflection 
Social Awareness

So it does three things, It create awareness then it educates you on this self-reflection habit. For the past few months, stories have been pouring in. Some of them weren't what we were expecting, and there are others that looks exactly what others wrote too. Now, after months of receiving submissions, Julies are having an exhibition, compiling the stories that they have received and displaying them like a story art gallery at The Curve, Main Concourse. 

The exhibition will be open from 28th October until the 2nd November during normal shopping hours. Admission is FREE and feel free to come down and read the many touching stories. 

And maybe you would be inspire to find out who brings the best out of you. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Have you heard of skincare oil? How many of you use them? 
There are already quite a few brands of face oil in the market and some of you would have already known them ; Josie Maran Argan Oil, Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil, Kiehl's Midnight Oil, Tarte Maracuja Oil, and so many more other brands. I'm not talking about cleansing oil, just so those who don't know what face oil are, they are skincare product. 

Most of them come with the benefit of anti-aging, rejuvenating, moisturising and many many more. I know not many of us uses face oil as some of us feel our face is oily enough OR we have other products such as moisturiser (everybody knows that). BUT, some of us would use body oil especially for scaring. 

ALL TIME FAMOUS BIO-OIL is a life saver for many women out there especially pregnant or newly moms. This is because it is known for it's stretch mark and scarring benefits. But bio-oil was just bio-oil. NOW, the same company that created bio-oil, with so many positive feedbacks and success. They have created and launched a new range of oil for face, called LIPIDOL. 




They only cost RM24.90 EACH BOTTLE!!

They have six products
  1. Cleansing Face Oil 
  2. Cleansing Body Oil
  3. After Shower Oil 
  4. Sunscreen Oil (First time hear right???? )
  5. After Shave Oil
  6. Overnight Face Oil

So you've seen the product range, you've seen the video. 

I've always been a fan of bio-oil. Although i'm not a mom and have not been pregnant so i do not have stretch marks, but i have a lot of scarring from mosquito bites, and cuts and falls and burns. One thing I can say is that, bio-oil has helped me a lot as well. 

There's always good oil and bad oil, and why skin needs oil? You should have watched that video if you don't know. And of course we can't have too much oil because it'll clogged up your pores, that's why your skin care regimen is very important! 

Among the six products, I only got hold on the cleansing oil and the overnight face oil. Would definitely review it soon. As for the rest? Well see how. (AS THIS IS NOT SPONSOR, PRODUCTS ARE FULLY PAID BY ME.) 

Of course, Sunscreen oil is the first i'm hearing and would give it a try as well. :D 

To find out more on the products, check out here

If you're tried Lipidol, what are you thoughts? 
If you have your favourite face oil, what is it? 

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Friday, 3 October 2014


Today, I was having lunch with fats when suddenly I receive a call from my client... 

This is the conversation below.

Me: Hellooo....
Client: Ei... You owe people money ar??
Me: (Very confused) Huh? Why you say so?
Client: Really a? I need an urgent favor to pay 3550! 
Me: (Even confused) What....are you saying? Can you repeat that?
Client: You in need of money ar?
Me: No... Well, not to the extend that i've to beg but you wanna give me some??
Client: I just received an email from your personal e-mail saying You are in URGENT need of money. Rxxxx and Rxxxx also received it!! (2 other colleagues from client) 

Nooooooo.... Straight away grabs fats phone to see if he's received the message. and YUP. Straight away I knew but i wasn't sure it was a virus or a malware or a scam or it was being hacked. SO, i consulted my one and only IT-GOD fella friend. LOL!!! I couldn't get his number, because I was very confused thinking why all my contacts are gone and missing. BUT, i manage to get his number and whatsapp him and send him a screen shot of the email... 

Here it is. 

Instantly He asked if all my contacts were gone. AND YUP, that's when I noticed, BOTH my phone was blank and all numbers with no name and no contact. DIE LAR NOW. ....

But i changed with fat's phone and gave him the password...

IN 5 minutes, (okay... maybe less) I received a text from him.

IT-GOD: Done... restored your contacts.

OMGGG. why this fella so amazing one! Another five minutes, he went through everything internally. dunno what he was doing.. then he came back to me saying it's clean, and there is no problem. BUt he wanted to track and find out WHO and WHERE. I expected it to be overseas.

Then later on he asked me

IT-GOD: " What were you doing from 1pm to 1.22pm?
Me: ermmm... Lining up and buying Mcdonald and having my lunch??
IT-GOD: your hacker is from KL, used a MAC and it sent that email at 1.22pm

It's either I'm damn NOOB or he is IT-GOD. LOL!!!

Okay, so everyone. I AM FINE.. Do not send money to unknown accounts, If you want to send to me, I don't mind just not to scammers can d. . LOL! That's what i told my mom who ALMOST sent money. O_o!!! I really dunno what she was thinking. I don't even write emails like that. LOL

Yes,  i've had G-DAMN alot of people calling, what-sapping me and question me about the email.

I really don't know what lesson to learn from this case, One thing I knew was that, I THOUGHT my email password was difficult. But apparently, IT-GOD say it's predictable. . LOL