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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


This is a self-awareness movement (known as a campaign as well to some others) where one reflects on their-selves. How often would you actually sit down and do a self-reflection session? How many of you actually still keeps a diary the old-school way. (When i meant old school, I meant pen and paper kind, not digitally)
If you don’t, here is a chance for you to join this movement and be a better person.
Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.56.38
Julie’s, the biscuit manufacturer who has since become a household staple for quality biscuits and snacks, wants the public to ask themselves the question: “Who is the best of you?”. The question is part of a movement that aims to promote personal affirmation within individuals and encourage people to recognize and celebrate the trials and tribulations that punctuates their lives.
Launched on 1 June 2014, ‘The Best of You’ movement aims to inspire its audience into taking the time to think about themselves and their personal experiences. In so doing, it hopes to further spur people to take stock of their lives and appreciate the circumstances that have brought out both the best in them, and the people around them in everyday settings.
Now, many would be lost, confused and be wondering “How would joining this help me be a better person? and how would any of what this girl is saying making sense?” some may even wonder what is the whole purpose and campaign of this.
It’s the same that goes to your worldwide HIV campaigns, Breast-Cancer campaigns and all that, you can’t prevent that, signing up your name, or liking an photo on Facebook and sharing it out DOES NOT help with any of these campaigns. WHY THEN?
When i meant liking and sharing on Facebook, I don’t mean those post where they do “Like this photo and BillGates will donate $1″ kind. That’s a whole different level.
In this generation, we are all connected digitally rather than socially. (I’m not saying that I’ve got an issue with that. LOL because i’m literally one of them)

So this is simple. Take some time out to just think what or who brought you to where you are today. Your achievements and your success and accomplishments for today, who has been there for you physically or mentally, who has changed you into a better person? Many of us take things for granted and this is something that would let us stop whatever we are doing and think about it to avoid taking things for granted and start appreciating and realising who it is that has been around us. It may not come to your mind now, but take some time to think about it.

This could be done in four different ways.
 Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 2.36.55
It could be someone who influence you, you may post a photo of them, or write a poem of them. If it isn’t someone, but more like something, then you can post it, like a photography, or design and arts. Or be it a video or music form.
First you gotta upload it online, photos can be on Facebook or Instagram, videos and music can be on Facebook or Youtube. Writing and testimonials can be on Facebook or your blog.
Don’t forget to #thebestofyou anywhere you upload them.
Once you have uploaded your story online, you gotta fill in the form at the website here to complete your submission.

Submit your story now and share it out to your friends and families.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.55.18

So it’s pretty easy once you understand how it works. So take some time off and join us.

You may also check out my story here. It’s not a big deal.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Gwenbeauty | Timeless Eyeshadow Palette [Covo Cosmetics}

Today, I’d be reviewing on a new palette.
The covo timeless eyeshadow palette. This retails at MYR145 but I bought it at a 50% sale. The Timeless eyeshadow palette comes in two different shade. “TRUE NUDE” and “VIBRANT”.
It is a collection of 14 versatile and timless shades handpicked to flatter any woman and almost any occasion. It has a mixual of both matte and shimmer colors. Highly pigmented ans enriched in vitamin E and minerals and other nourishing ingredients that improces your fine lines and wrinkles. (Thats what they say)
I purchased the TRUE NUDE palette because I would use that more than the vibrant colors. The vibrants color are pink, yellow, orange, purple and so on. Which I already have two colorful palettes. Each palette are the size of 1.05gm. So thats quite a standard size also. I hate those mini tiny 0.5gm or less palette. So not worth the money.
What attracted me wasnt the brand or the packaging or the shade color. But the saleslady was telling me that its minerals with vitamin E and its pigmented.  I didnt believe it at first because everyone tells you their stuff are pigmented. So swatched it. And OMGGGGG it wad so smooth and buttery and creamy and pigmented. It reminded me of urban decays formula and colors. (Well, nothing beats urband decay)
But this stuff was amazing. With that 50%, I was sold. LOL. I also bought a mascara for RM14 and waterproof eyelinear at RM17 for both 70% off. Will review those next time.
I know COVO isnt a very famous brand yet. But its founded and created by Julie Wong(local malaysian) and her commitment is to bring luxury cosmetics to consumers but at a friendlier price tag. Luxe for Less. Together with Kerrie Hess who is a brand illustrator based in paris, they aim to bring cutting edges and high standard beauty products (for vogue, tatler, chanel and others as well). So you can see the similarity illustrators with the brands as well.
New brands in the market are always interesting,  and especially when it is local, I tend to concern about their quality and they have to compete with the other bigger brand players out there. But to know and see, test and tried their products. Its amazing to see how good they are as well.
Back to the palette. Overall, I think it delivers very perfect. The packaging is slim and its not very chunky or heavy. Its magnetic though, and the downside of it is to have the chance of the palette opening up in ur makeup bag. But as long as you dont keep it lose in ur bag it shouldnt be a problem.  As I said earlier, the colors are damn pigmented. And they are easy to blend, and I used it together with an eye primer, the color has lasted me the whole day without smudging or disappearing. Removing the makeup isnt difficult as well, so I didnt have to rub and dig into my eyes.
Would I recommend it? Yes.
My rating overall for it? 7/10 stars.
Have any one of you tried any other covo cosmetics? What are your thoughts on local brands?

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Haircut Update

Yes, I have finally have my bangs back. After 4 years of side bangs froma request from fats. I have finally gone back to my bangs.
I had my hair done at number76. I know its not cheap, its not my usual hair salon. But one thing I can say is “professionalism”
They are so pro! See my hair straight away know what its been through. And I love how they werent pushy with their treatment or haircut ot rebonding or coloring or whatever. lemme tell you, my hair is bleached damage, color off and curly roots. Usually hair salons would try to persuade me to do something else other than a hair wash. And even after saying no many times they are still pushy. But what I like about them is that they werent pushy at all. #thumbsup

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Are you ready for something big?? | Astro Event

Bit annoyed as this is my second time typing this. Something wrong happened and everything I typed disappeared. And I finished the post already.  But when I submitted, everything went poofed!!! So im annoyed and sometimes I give up that title. But this time ill try posting them again.
So are you ready for something big??
On monday afternoon,  we were invited to Astro Big Event at Hilton. I tell you one thing. I love Hilton. LOL
When we registered, we were required to pick one sticker out of four choices. And I picked the hashtag one cz im just obsessed with hashtags. LOL #hashtag
When I walked in I saw this. O_O. I do not really idolize chinese or hk actor or artist. Thanks to fats who always watch tvb and got me hooked up. Theres just something about this kid. LOL. Carol says he looks like fats. LOL!!! Maybe thats why.
Event was suppose to start at 3. But I arrived at 3.30pm and it still hasnt started. At about 3.45 near to 4, the doors opened and we went in. Sat next to the red carpet aisle. Then. …..
These three guys walked in. I was like omg wtf omg wtf omg wtf. LOL took my phone out. Texted fats with excitement and sent him this photo. LOL
Fats was suppose to be there too. But his senior wasnt nice enough to bring him. Hmph. Those u out there,  be nice to your juniors lah!
Yes we camwhored and took selfie and wefie while waiting. And because they had the instagram contest again. So im not gonna miss it this time.  The last astro event I missed it because I was down on battery with an empty powerbank and sighh..
And more photos
And more…
And also more…
Then show started.
That girl, shes great. Apparently she is the no 1 host in malaysia. Or at least no 1 in astro. Hahaha. She spoke canto,  mandarin and english loke a machine gun but u could hear every bullet clearly #jelly
Some random flower. LOL wait… not random flowers. .. four roses sitting on a table. LOL
After the show. We had buffet. Oh! Hilton buffet is good. Thumbs up!
And guess what. YES!!!! I won the instagram prize. LOL just a tbv buddyz . Nothing much.
My instagram event photo haul. LOL. Theres more. But I gave some to my colleague and some was given to me later on.
So this event is a private function for invited clients, agencies and VIP’s.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jane Hollie in Town

To my new readers, you wouldn’t know this. But I am a shoe-lover. BUT, i don’t just buy shoes for the sake of buying them. They are a few things I check off my list before actually paying for them.
Now, Jane Holli is in town, and how amazing is that? For those who do not know about her, here is a little something.
Jane Holli (a sister site of is an established ladies handbags and shoe brand in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. With over 25 years experience in the leather-crafting industry, Jane Holli sets itself apart with original and easy to match designs. It would be of uttermost pleasure to have you embrace the classic everyday wear pieces from Jane Holli by writing about them.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 0.53.06

I went through their website, and i found a pair that i love.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.00.34
The loafer design which is known as J Colby.
I love how all their designs have each different names for it. For example they have three different loafer designs and they gave different names such as J Anna, J Colby, J Maggie and etc. Interesting isn’t it?
Why would I pick the J Colby design as my choice? Because loafers are in now. They have been for a really long time, then they became “so-yesterday” and now it’s back in again. Well, what goes around comes around ain’t it? I would have usually go for heels and wedges and all that, but then it’s not just the design and the colour I look for but the quality and the durability of it as well. And, now I would actually think twice and carefully wonder if I would actually wear it.
I once went to Morocco, bought a pair of killer pair spiked studded royal purple pair of lace heels, I only wore it once. LOL. This is what i meant as practicality. Only buy if you will use it.
With this pair of J Colby, I can wear them to work, to events, from casual to formal it works well. What i love about it is that, it is leather. I learn my lesson to not buy PV or Plastic, they give your feet blisters and take like a million years to “break-in”. (Plastics don’t break in) I would prefer the white one, cause I just feel they are classy.
Now you can shop online for it too! at
AND!!! my dear readers, there is something in for you too! There is a RM20 cash Voucher offwith a minimum purchase of RM99.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.24.56
Don’t forget to like and follow Jane Holli at


The Best of You 101

由 Julie’s 呈献的社会运动渴望为每天生活中的英雄喝彩 并让社会充满美好及感恩之情
马来西亚与新加坡,2014 年 6 月 16 日 – 继最近于 2014 年 6 月 1 日推行的“最好的你” 运动,饼干厂商——朱莉饼干如今呼吁大众前往 ,分享各自有 关最好的自己的个人故事、事物与经历。
“最好的你”运动顾问苏子宏先生表示:“生命中那些看似渺小的行动及成就,往往被 我们所忽视及遗忘。实际上,那些才是对我们而言最具意义的事——它们标记着我们的努 力及我们热爱生命的证据。同样重要的是,我们必须抽出时间来认识及认同自己及其他人 的努力与成就。”
新加坡 Families for Life 会议员 Brian Liu 先生表示:“这项‘最好的你’运动为我们每天与 家人分享简单日常事项的事情提供一个很好的连接。它鼓励我们停下脚步去感恩,感谢那 些为我们牺牲并造就最好的我们的人。今年,我们欢庆国际家庭年,我们希望能够透过这 些故事去激发每个家庭都能以独特的方式去表达感谢与感恩之情。”
今年,在社会及家庭发展部(MSF)的支持下,国际家庭年(IYF)将会迎接 20 周年庆。 届时,将全年举办以加强兄弟情谊及建立和谐家庭为目的的一连串活动。
除了国际家庭年以外,志同道合的合作伙伴还包括 MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School (LGS)与 Yellow Ribbon Project Singapore (YRP)。他们亦希望通过“最好的你”运动去激发具 有包容性的社会,能够张开双臂接受整个社会,包括支持智能障碍者、前犯罪与他们的家 庭。
“最好的你”运动宗旨在于,给自己一个机会回答“谁是最好的你?”如此一来,人们便 能看清究竟是什么帮助启发及造就了最好的自己。届时,人们可以于 分 享个人故事,或向对自己具重大意义的人致敬。
这项社会运动亦邀请你透过日常言行与举止,去激发、表示与传达“最好的你”之精神。 你可将照片上载到面子书及 Instagram,同时记得使用#TheBestOfYou 标签。
这项运动将于 2014 年 10 月 22 日至 26 日在新加坡 Marina Square,及 10 月 28 日至 11 月 2 日在 Main Concourse, The Curve 举办具意义性的展览会。被选出的作品将被展出,提交 作品的截止日期为 2014 年 8 月 31 日。
这项运动于 2014 年 4 月份中旬,由一系列促使人们回答“她是谁?”的 4 个人物故事揭 开序幕。这些故事中的“她”允许公众看清是谁对他们的生活产生了影响,是什么事物或 行为带出了他们最好的自己。
2014 年 6 月 1 日,官方网站 正式启动,呈献 4 个不同故事与人物,为 “她是谁?”提供了让人深思的答案。
故事讲述一个改过自新的前罪犯 Hui,通过帮助别人找回自己;社会工作者 Firdaus 深受 自己所照顾的 De Silva 女士所启发;全职母亲、妻子和企业家 Janice 全心全意地去掌握生 活;及来自单亲家庭的 8 岁男童 Max 投入于兼顾家庭与学业的生活。每一个故事都在描 述他们各自的生活经历、考验及苦难,同时更促使关注问自己:“谁是最好的你?”
Alvin Yeo
Email: (o): +(65) 6270 7334 (m):+(65) 9623 3432
Harry Cha
Email: (o): +603-7957 7327
(m): +6017-4101013