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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Remembering Everything with Evernote

Ever find your self rumbling through your stack of paper looking for that note that you scribbled on some paper? Or going through your laptop searching for the files and trying to rearrange them? Or maybe can't decide whether or not to bring your organizer out because it's too big and heavy for you? Well, now you have Evernote. With Evernote, you can have everything in just a click away. 

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. Evernote is your digital organizer that enables you to sync between devices. 

So what does Evernote do and what can you get out of it? 

Still not very sure? Watch this video as Evernote explains. 

Life is full of experience, and Evernote helps you captures them all. So whether you are a working person, or a student, from any age and any occupation, you can never go wrong with Evernote. If you are a person who holds an organizer and loves writing and jotting down notes but have the trouble to carry your huge organizer around, and a small one isn't enough? Evernote would be perfect for you. 

I personally have been using Evernote since 2008 when it was first launched and available. *wow. can't believe it's been that long already. 
Back then, their display and outlook of the application wasn't as pretty as todays. But it was still pretty and very organizing. :) I was introduced this by someone, I randomly found it myself, downloaded the free version and loved it and bought the yearly premium for TWO YEARS. Then i stopped upgrading to the premium one. 

As you can see above, it is an example of how the notebooks collection are placed and in each notebook you can have your notes. It's like carrying ten note books in your device. I used it in my university days for my notes, research, progress, assignment and so on. 

Evernote has helped me in many ways. With premium, I was able to get 1GB monthly upload instead of 100mb in the free version. I was able to view and access my work offline on my ipad, phone or laptop without any internet connection. 

Back then when i started using it, it was JUST evernote. Now they have expanded to 8 different softwares. I currently use Evernote, Skitch and Penultimate. It has made my ipad very useful. I have searched up and down throughout the whole app store and i couldn't find one that was good or to say par with Evernote. 

On the 22nd August 2013. Evernote held an event in J.Co Singapore to announce it's collaboration with Starhub and it's expansion in Singapore. (Introducing it to many Singaporeans who do not know it) 
I was suprise as when i was there, all of the girls i knew and met did not know a single clue what Evernote was or did. Was it a product or service? They were clueless. 

Now with Starhub, if you have any 2-year mobile phone package, you get a complimentary 1-year (12 months) Evernote Premium upgrade. FREE. instead of paying $58 for one year. So why not give it a try? 

My thoughts:
I honestly really like this and am thankful that this software/application exist. It has made my university life easier and hopefully would make my future in my working days easier as well. 

I wasn't sponsored or paid to write on this. This is just my experience and sharing what i really like and may help and open an eye to others. ALL i got from Evernote was a t-shirt and some stickers. I still pay for my own upgrade subscription as i do not have a 2-year plan. So this is my honest review. 

An extra photo from that night. Jor Yee, me and Yuki

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System [Review]

Today, I would be reviewing the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleasing System as promised. This has just been launched in Malaysia. (It's been in Singapore for a few months) So if you are in Malaysia or Singapore, it is available in Watsons but you might not be able to get it all the time because it is sold out REALLY QUICK! So if you see it. Grab it. 

Many of you would have heard or know about cleansing brush systems and the really famous and heavily raved would be the Clarisonic (it's available worldwide). Or the Neutrogena Wave Sonic that isn't available in Msia and Sg but it is if you are in the states, UK and Australia. They are also other brushes from Luna, Proactiv, Spa Sonic, Philips, Tosowoong, Missha, Dossy, and the list goes on. (They are alot of Korean companies that are coming up with all these battery operated cleansing brushes)

As much as i would like to get the Clarisonic, it is priced at RM500/$200++ it's a huge difference compared to this Olay Cleansing brush priced at RM130/$50. I have never own a battery operated cleansing brush system. I've always used my hands or a cleansing sponge, so i can't say would the clarisonic be better or the Missha. But this would be my honest opinion on this product as a first impression as well as a review as i have used it for one week. I know one week isn't a long period of time to properly test out a product, so that's why i consider it a first impression. So i will update a longer review in maybe a month or two of full usage. 


Ready for that challenge?

So firstly, 

If you do not know, Olay has now a cleansing system that is portable, waterproof, handy, travely-friendly and it only takes you less than 5 minutes to change how your skin feels and breaths. 

I've always told and said that it's not important how your makeup skills are, but it's important how much effort you put in your skincare line. Investing on a proper skincare to make you skin better is FAR BETTER than buying expensive foundation and concealer to cover up. so Prevention is better than cure. 

So what does it claim it does?
- Deepy cleans (removes dirt and makeup)
- Gently exfoliates (remove dead skin)
- Water resistant
- Enables better penetration of the active contained in your skincare products
- Skin is instantly cleaner, feels fresher
- Skin texture is improved & smoother with continuos usage

Inside the box, it comes with 2 speed control & water resistant device, 1 gentle brush head (refills available for purchase seperately), 1 AA battery and 1 Skin Renewal Cleanser. 

The brush is detachable. Everytime you need to replace one just gently pull it out, then when you replace it back in, just follow the shape of the head (image below) and gently push it back in until you hear a snap. 

The battery cover comes with a rubber band for a tight compartment and what blocks the water from getting into the battery. 

The device is very handy, it fits into my hand perfectly. And i've got very small stubby hands. 
The top button is the ON/OFF button, and the bottom button is the speed button. 

So how does it work?
This brush rotates in two speeds but in one direction. It rotates rather than vibrates compared to the clarisonic and the Luna.

How do you use it? 
If you have Normal/Oily Skin
1. Remove your make up with your own cleansing oil/water or makeup remover.
 2. Wet the brush and apply your cleanser directly on the brush.
3. Turn it on and place the brush on your face and let it do it's magic. 
4 . Move the brush around slowly and move to another section of your face after 15 seconds. (30 seconds for deep cleansing) 

If you have Sensitive/Dry Skin/ Acne Prone skin
1. Remove your make up with your own cleansing oil/water or makeup remover.
2. Wet your face, wet the brush. Apply cleanser on your face.
3. Turn it on and place the brush on your face and let it do it's magic.
4. Move the brush around slowly and move to another section of your face after 15 seconds. (30 seconds for deep cleansing)

As you can see the only difference is how you apply your cleanser. You could apply it on dry face for deep cleansing, you could apply it on wet face, you could even apply it after you have foam up on your palms.

My favourite cleanser to use along with this product is my Biore Mashmallow Cleanser. and if i am SUPER OILY i would use the Garnier Pure Active Cleanser for a deeper cleanse. It only takes me less than five minute for my face to be cleanse.

What Do I Think & Say?
I feel it does what it claims. In one week, i didn't use it twice daily, i only used it everynight before i do my skincare night layering before i go to bed. For someone that uses makeup everyday, this has been a really great tool for me and my skin. I now do not have to worry about clogged pores.
Just to clarify again, i have sensitive skin with mild rosecea, and am allergic to alcohol. So am i not the best person to test product? LOL
Despite the skin that i have, THIS did not make my skin red, tight, squeky nor flaring red. it DID NOT make my rosecea worst or activate it. So if you are worried about brushes being too harmful and too rough, i can't tell you this doesn't too that.

I do have a friend who's sister has one and she also has sensitive skin, so she uses it on alternate days. This product is the same as brushing teeth or washing hair, it works differently for differently skin and people. So, explore around which technique and how suits you best.

It's a cheaper solution compared to the clarisonic. I know i have heard saying such as i can't compare both as the clarisonic has a sonic wave and all that, but if you are young, would you need that sonic feature?

Do i like it? 
I LOVE IT. Now that i have used it, I felt like i missed out on SOOOO much. Especially being in such a humid heathy weather. With all the pollution and dust around. I really need this. This is definately going into my fav list.

Would i recommend it?
YES i would. I wouldn't say don't buy the clarisonic. If you have the money to splurge on it, it's up to you. BUT if you are in your 20s, i would say you wouldn't need something from the high end for it.
My thinking would be, if you are in your 20s, and you insist in getting the clarisonic even if you have to starve that month, what happens when you are in your 40s? Would you still purchase it? Or would you downgrade for something else?
BUT, i would like to give the Luna Mini a try 5 years down the road. LOL. So i would see if this Olay would last me 5 years *dreams&hopes

What i didn't like about it?
It looks too thin. LOL! I know thin is good, i can't hold it and so. BUT in the beginning i wasn't really keen on it because of the look of it being too thin about seeing the cute adorable LUNA and the professional looking MISSHA and CLARISONIC. But after all the raves i've seen. it's worth it.
Not like you going to a beauty pagaent with this right??

This product has been raved and introduced in 女人我最大 if you would like to know more about it and it is being demonstrate and spoken in a much more detailed level. UNFORTUNATELY it's in chinese.

 FYI: I don't brush and move it as fast as him though. LOL 

An extra tecnique for face lifting. 

Some countries may call it the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. 
Some countries call it the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System. 

Happy Cleansing! And don't forget to be lazy girls. :) 

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

My thoughts on the iOS7

Some of you may have already know that the new iOS7 has been released today and it's now available at all your apple devices. I no longer have an iPhone. But I do have an iPad and have decided to upgrade it to see what was all the fuss and rave about it. 

Due to the shitty internet in Malaysia, it took me 30minutes to download and another 5minutes plus to install the software. Then I was welcomed by my iPad 

My iPad has already given me the fresh new look in the first five seconds. Previously, it was dark navy blue or greyish with a stitching texture or saffron leather kinda texture. (I really love it, because it shown some class) 

And now, it's white, pure white. I know they say simplicity and minimalism is the thing where you apply the KISS principle. (Keep it simple stupid). But on true other hand, apple, seriously? I'm not saying white is an issue, but pure white? Who would want a pure white wallpaper? Now my iPad is glaring white at me. 

Notice the "Slide too set up" section? Apple has removed the locking bar and now it's frameless, I quite like it, and it is acceptable. To me, but doubt my mom can see it and she'll be searching where to unlock it for five minutes, 

Next up, white again.. I'm lucky I didn't do this at night for I would be blinded by the whiteness. 

Entering into the menu page. Doesn't it look a little too weird? Maybe it's my background, maybe it's me. Or maybe it only goes well with their whiteness. Their icon now looks so flat and crisp. Maybe it's only meant to look good on iPhones. But then what about the iPads? Aren't we suppose to look good too? 

Next up, the setting page, oh all the whiteness. I guess it's a preference on different people. And maybe I'm just used to their previous style after all the years and the sudden changgeg of whiteness. 

Then we also have the new keyboard, now this is weird, as I am typing this, I am typing on the old keyboard. Lemme show you. 

See the comparison? I honesty prefer the old keyboard to the new one. Butt I like I said previously, maybe once I get stuck to it, I might have to get use to it. But now it is no longer a 3D keyboard, LOL. I call it 3D because it has shadows and whenever you type on it, the button shadows and looks as if it is being pressed down. 

They have also gave Safari a new look. Again, with the whiteness and the outlines, 

The new look for the calendar. I now can have all year round views. LOL. Who needs to flip through all the days right? There are so much more changes that i haven't explore. And i won't be posting 50 images to show ever single thing of it. *unless requested*

So here is their official video. 

Remember, ONCE you upgrade it, it is very very VERY hard, troublesome and some of you can't downgrade it to iOS6. 

But if you are keen on it, it is now OUT, and you may update it. (requires 2gb+from your phone) 
If you have update it, did you like it? hate it? what are your thoughts? 

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Beauty Secret: Oats

Today, i will be revealing one of my beauty secrets. As obvios and as simple as written as my title OATS

Some of you may have heard the benefit of Oats and how it changes you with the benefit it brings to you. Some may still be on the edge whether or not to give it a go, some may think "ewwww. that's food! gross!

I am proud to say, i love oats has changed me alot, given me benefits as well as gotten me hooked on to it till this very day.  

Everyday we wake up to a marvellous day to something new. The first thing i'll do is to cleanse my face with oats. YES! Oats is a life-saver cleanser, whether or not you are oily, dry combination, acne prone skin, oats is the cleanser for you. Now you might be thinking HOW is it possible that one ingredient can do so many things and save so many things, then why are they so many other cleansers and skincare routine out there? (trust me. i've thought of it too). Well, If you were to extract or put oats as an "ingredient" into your cleanser or if companies would have put oats in their product, the purpose wouldn't be the same already because they would have used chemicals and other preservance which would have spoilt what is needed. 

Oats is best used by ITSELF. (with warm water). And logically thinking if a beauty company were to just get a pretty packaging jar and sell oats, what's the purpose right?? We must well go buy Oats from the supermarket right? Well, that's what i've been doing now. The oats i'm talking about isn't some specific brand or form some high end makeup counter, it's from the supermarket, the oats your mom feeds you when you were a baby (i use to hate it. I will pour my bowl into my sister's and my brothers before they come down OR when my parents turn around. LOL) 

So today, my beauty secret isn't about how oats can change your healh and diet, BUT how oats can change your skin as well. From the inside oats are excellent source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, thiamine, iron, beta-glucan (which may help regulate blood sugar) and the antioxidants known as avenanthramides (which may help promote healthy circulation). Oatmeal is also believed to help reduce harmful cholesterol levels and it may boost the immune system.


Breaking down of the ingrediants of Oats. 


Oatmeal contains polysaccharides, a type of complex carbohydrate. When polysaccharides mix with water, a gel forms. This gel softens and nourishes the skin. It also protects skin from drying out even after you’ve washed the oatmeal away.

Adding Moisture

Oatmeal contains healthy fats. When they come into contact with your skin, these fats help to add moisture to soften and repair your skin.

  • Natural Barrier

    Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against pollutants. Oatmeal helps to strengthen your skin’s defenses so it can do a better job.

    Gentle Cleansing

    The saponins in oats help to remove dirt from your pores. This effect, combined with oatmeal’s moisture-adding properties, gives your skin that soft glow after an oatmeal cleanse.

    • Inside Out

      Oatmeal isn’t just good for your skin as a topical treatment. It also helps promote healthy skin as part of your diet. The fiber in oatmeal helps to control the release of insulin and the uptake of glucose, and good insulin regulation helps keep your skin taut and healthy.

All you need is this 

- Oats (quick oats or instant oats)
- Warm Water

Directions For Face Cleansing
- Put a handful of oatmeal in a bowl and add warm water to make a paste
- Apple it to your face avoiding eye area and gently scrub (you will feel amazing and how smooth your skin will be)
- Wash it off with warm water then splash some cold water
- Dry your face and your skin will feel softer, cleaner and amazing. 

Directions for Body Bath
- Put three handsful of oats into a meshbag
- Run warm water and fill up your bath tub
- Drop the meshbag of oats into the tub and let it soak in for five minutes
- Enjoy your bath,  use the mshbag to scurb your body. 
- After your bath, you don't need soap, just rinse your body with clean water and dry off. 

Directions for Pore Mask
- First, grind it up in a blender. Make sure it is ground up finely. 
- Add hot/warm water and stir until it thickens into a paste then let it sit for a while. 
- Apply it to your face all over or the trouble spots and large pores.
- Let it dry completely and rinse off with warm water. 

If you are using a standing shower, you can use the meshbag as a body scrub. Take caution that if you have a bad drainage it would not be adviseable to let the oats clog up your drainage. 

Next time i will be talking about the different type of oats. 

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Maybelline - The Rocket Volume [Review]

Last month, there was a new mascara launched and it was raved and advertised everywhere. If you have missed it, here it is. It is the Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express. (Don't ask me why it's that name. ask Maybelline)

So it's thie bright blue tube looking mascara that is shaped differently than the other Mayebelline mascaras. 

So what do they say?
Get Explosive Volume in Rocket Time!
8X Bigger, smoother and more even.
Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara’s patented Supersonic Brush with micro bristles loads on big, sleek volume instantly.
Zero clumps!
Well, that is what they say and have been advertising everywhere, but does it do what they say? Read on.. 

Nothing beats comparison and I have decided to pick the mascaras withint their own brand rather than taking others. I was close to getting the Covergirl Lashblast mascara which is my favourite to compare but not many of you know covergirl as it is not available here in Asia, so i have decided to go with a few of the many mascars from Maybelline itself.
Here we have maybelline the falsies, the rocket colume and the lashionista. 

I remember when the Lashionista was firstly launched it was advertised but it wasn't as raved as much as this! and Lashionista isn't available in Malaysia. It's only at Singapore and Australia (FYI to my readers) and of course other places. As you can see from the packaging, the Rocket mascara is a huge fat one, which on the downside might take up a little space in your storage or your makeup bag. But you'd get use to these once the "new phase" passes by. trust me. LOL

When Falsies was launched, it was advertised and raved, (but rocket still topped them). I was in Australia when it was launched and i bought the one in Australia which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And i recommended it to many of my friends but some came back with disappointment. So i thought it was just me in the beginning. But when i purchased my second one from Malaysia, it felt different. So i think the formula was different. 

Next up is a comparison on the brushes, isn't that the main thing? The application of it. If the application sucks, what's the point? Well, to me, First is the formula, Next up is the brush. 
Rocket's stiff bristle brush compared to the soft bristle really is one of the main selling point with this mascara. The main reason Covergirl's mascara is my favourite is because of the bristle brush. Many do not know how important the brush is. So when you test a mascara from a tester, make sure it is an actual brush of how the mascara is. 

Why the stiff bristle? It is what de-clumps your mascar, it is what makes your mascara look clean, nice, neat unlike messy smudging all over your face application type. 

So In Bristle and application form, Rocket wins. 

I now have said bye bye to my fake lashes. Well, not like i wear them daily or what, but i don't need them anymore. BUT those who are obssessed with lashes and wears them daily even to hawker and mamak stall. I don't know, maybe keep your lashes just in case. 

So what do i say?
I say, this is by far the BEST mascara Maybelline has given. I"M SERIOUS!!! I hate mascara that clumps, and this doesn't. Many mascara out there that DOESN"T clump, usually don't even look like you have anything on and doesn't FEEL like you have anything on. I mainly believe this is something to do with the bristles. Secondly, this mascara is buildable and it just look like you have mascara smacked on your eyelids (hate that kind of mascara). Because of the bristles, you can apply them on your lower lashes looking as natural you want with one coat and building up to however thick and obvious you want it to be. 

Forumla wise? This mascara definately has fibers. Well, that is wht gives that fake extra length right, they have it in the falsies it's IMPOSSIBLE to not have it. This mascara is smudgeproof. SERIOUS!! doesn't stain your eyelids when your remove nor rub your eyes. Even if you have the oiliest face that can make french fries, this mascara will just STAY ON THERE. Even if you get the waterproof formula, it is still amazing. 

Now you must be thinking if it stays on damn well it must be damn hard to remove!! NOPE1 Wrong again!! This mascara is easy peasy to remove. Warm water, rinse, fall off. This mascara falls off in fibre clumps, not smudge stained black ink that can give you residues and panda eyes. 

I don't do demonstrations with mascara cz i do not have my camera with me and it is merely impossible to show. BUT, xiaxue here has done a video on how well the smudge proof and waterproof and removing it is!  If you have not watched it, Here it is from

So have you tried it?? What the best mascara and is it your favourite and what is your worst mascara experienced? And if you haven't tried the Rocket. you should. If you have a friend's birthday coming up and do not know what to give and she is a girl? Get her this. You can never go wrong with makeup as gifts. :D 

Honestly not advertised, i really like this. Maybe it's me, maybe it's maybelline (LOL their tagline)

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