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Sunday, 24 November 2013


Sunday morning. Ladi ladi la. ANother amazing day sleeping in late. :D

YOu see me rollin. You hatin.

Finally woke up at 1pm. With over 200 msgs at my highschool wassap groupchat. I wasnt really ready to wakeup until a friend msged to ask to go to KLIMS.

I really wanted to go to KLIMS but didnt really have a company to go with. Thats why i was really hyped up and happy to be able to go!!! but i finally made it and got to go on the LAST DAY!!! 


The future of cars by toyota.

Finally saw my all time favourite MacLaren live in front of me!!! Still love it. If i could have it. I would want a red one. :D.

I DONT know why i have always loved maclarens. Since playing need for speed or any car racing game i would always pick that car.

Then we also have the all time second favourite ford mustang shelby.
Unfortunately like the maclaren, its not for sale, just to show only.

So i finally managed to see the Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost. (No photo cz was busy looking at it)
To be honest, i was disappointed. I expected it to be much more spacious. I was alright with the interior/exterior. But the space was really a downside. Two of the guys i went with sat together behind and they could barely move.

Of course, i only sat in it and didnt really drive it. Then my friend, who somehow knew what i would like, brought me to the hyundai i30. i wasnt really into at first but as we approached the car i was like ohmaigawd.

I sat at the driver seat. Looked at the interior. Stepped and tested the brakes and accelerator. Instantly I fell in love with it. Like instantly it became my car.

You know, its like buying a house. You see the images and hear about it and it sounds amazing but its all about that first impression gut feeling the first time you see it. And thats how i fell for the hyundai i30. It wad instant love at first sight.

Sadly, it cost 120k and only available in March. *le-sigh*. It's over budget and BIGSIGH. I guess the next option would be the Elantra. Hoping I would be ableto fall in love with it too. Because the i30 is the hatchback of the Elantra. Hopefully, I would fall in love with it too. I don't mind a sedan because it's within budget. 

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

CLIO CC Cream Vampire Face [Review]

BB cream came then CC cream came. When CC cream was the raved product, I was still on the BB cream phase. It wasn't because I didn't like CC cream but it was because I haven't really found the need or any that I would really want to try out. 

Not until CLIO came up with their CC cream VF21. (VF stands for Vampire Face). 
See the name vampire face already attracted me. Not because I want to look like a vampire, but it means W-H-I-T-E-N-I-N-G and F-A-I-R. 

LOL!!! well, those who know me will know how I don't like looking tanned. Being fair is one thing, it's the radiance that is what I love. That's why I am fussy with foundations because most of them are yellow base. 

SO, CLIO VF21 CC Cushion, (not cream) comes in two colors. 
01 - Pink
02 - Beige 

As we all know CC stands for Color Corrector/Color Control. So most CC cream would be either, pink, purple green or yellow base depending on what skin color you are and what you are looking to achieve. 

Just an extra information: 
- Pink is to give you radiance and that fair look. 
- Green is to reduce redness. 
- Purple is to give you that highlight look 
- Yellow, is to even out your skin tone. 

A little more information on this product. 
Cushion CC that creates clean and bright complexion like spring sun light as soon as applied.
: All-in-one type in skin care + makeup that covers dull and dark skin flaws.
: Contains vegetable ingredients with excellent moisture holding power to be moisturizing and refreshing.
: SPF50 PA+++ blocks UV rays. (extra bonus)
: Contains anti-bacterial ingredients such as jasmine-flower extract 

For the first impression, i mega LOVE the packaging. I love that high class hologram packaging that it has. 

I did not expect the inside to be white. but it's very clean looking. (it's new. LOL. who knows maybe it'll be a mess in the future) And it even comes with a quality seal sticker. The standard cushion cap seal, and a washable sponge as well. 

The BB cushions that you usually get/buy, the sponge in the pan is already filled with product. But for CLIO's CC cushion, it wasn't!! So i had to press it to get it out. Which on the bright side, it's not wasted on the sponge "yet". And definitely gives that NEW feeling. 

Just to swatch and show you how it looks like on my skin UN-blended. I just dabbed it straight without blending. See how it bright it is and how it gives you that whitening effect?

Just to show the difference between shade 01- and shade 02. 

My face is brightened up. :D 

My opinion: 
This product is amazing. It gives you that ageless dewy skin that it promises. So 5 star to "it does what it says". Packaging is lovely, even though most cushion's packaging are almost the same, but the hologram outside just made it much luxurious. In terms of functionality, it's also amazing, the product doesn't "pop" open easily. So I can just chuck it into my bag without worry it might spill. This product doesn't break me out or leave me with a face where I can fry eggs. Nor does it crease or make my face move.
Removing wise, is easy as well, does not take extra work but then again i double cleanse every-night.
Extra bonus to the anti-bacterial. Even though I don't have the power to say it has scientifically to prove it. but it hasn't break me out and it's good to know that the ingredient is in there. Maybe it's just a psychological thing, maybe it's true.
            In terms of coverage, this product is build-able. But i wouldn't recommend you to build the coverage with this product. It would be best if you have a concealer to concealer your spots then to cover your whole face with this. So if you are someone that is looking for a full face coverage, then this is not for you. I would say NO cc cream would be a full face coverage.

Would I recommend this?
If you are looking for a radiance fair look. YES.

I purchased this for RM99/$35 from watsons. [NOT PAID to review this]

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Friday, 22 November 2013

TGIF 22112013

Heading to first party event representing the company. So far loving my job. :D

Feeling awesome cause its friday.

Attended the Star Radio Group synergy appreciation party event today. It was amazinggg.

“Why was it amazing? ”

Met JJ who is now in redFM (he is no longer at Loves his shirt that says "play me or trade me"

He was one of the host for the party. Only took photo with him though, cause the rest wasn't around our table.

In the end of the night, everyone from our table won something from the lucky draw sessions.

Awesome possum!


Three of us from the company. And we were REALLLLYYYYY lucky. Why??? 
Cause all three of us won a luggage bag!!!! We were so excited and hyped!! 

I still am!!! Yay!!!! Okay! i know its just a luggage bag. But in my entire life, i have NEVER won any luck. So now its like double luck!!!! :D 


Monday, 18 November 2013


Today its been such a tiring day dragging 22kg and waiting for hours. #travelsproblem

A short scene and convo of a couple sitting nect to me on the plane.

Girl:" omg. This is horrific. I wonder if they disinfect the seats "
Guy:" well, you'd be fine."
Girl:" how'd you know about it?"
Guy:" because I do."
Girl:" omg. This is so horrific and its terrible."
Guy:" why?"
Girl:" because... im like shrunk" (shrunks her shoulders in)
Guy:" well, what do you expect? A five star luxury plane?"
Girl" at least better than this!.", she scoffs. 

Guy holds girls hand, "you'd be fine. When the flight gets on, you'd be able to put your seat back. And you'd be fine."
Girl:" im not talking to you!" And she pushes him away.

Later on, for the next hours, she was either asleep or complaining.

“Some people just can't be considerate of the people around them. But its part of human. ”

After not sleeping for one whole night. Im on the zombie mode.
I spent the whole afternoon waiting in burgerking with le-boyfie mom while waiting for the brother. Ended up both of us had a aching back.
I feel like shit cz im like 25 years younger and I have the same back pain.

It's becoming worst today cz it sorta hit my nerve and I could hardly walk. Guess I need to rest more.

After a whole day and a whole month, I finally get to pamper myself and give myself self-facials.

Todays facial.
-Deep cleansing
-Steam face
-apply warm cloth on my face for ten minutes.
-apply BRTC pore purfying mask (extract blackheads)
-After washing face, use pore strip.
-after pore strip, extract extra stubborn blackheads that weren't pulled by the pore strip.
-apply calming lotion
-apply clay mask.
-apply sheet mask
-apply serum.

And any extra layering skincare.

Now you guys know how I self pamper myself. LOL.

Toodles. Im off to bed to start a new day tmr.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New quicker, faster way of blogging with Dayre

(this is the second time I am typing this.  So I'm quite annoyed and it won't be as detailed as before)  

If you haven't heard of it, now you have. If you haven't downloaded it, you better do. It's the new app call "Dayre". It's like a mixture of instagram, tumblr. It allows you to follow others and vice versa others to follow you. Which now most social media platforms have the "following" feature. But you can #hashtag and comments, and like that post like instagram. You can't reblog it like tumblr. But it is similar to tumblr in a way that you can chose to upload photo, text, quote, video and so on. They even have these emotional icon stickers that are like LINE. 

So what makes this different than tumblr or instagram or facebook and so on. It's the "DAY" feature, hence the name Day-re (could also be mispronounced as diary). Everything you post on that particular day auto compiles into ONE day. Like a diary. It's really good, cause you can keep uploading the entire day and make it look like ONE post. 

of course i wouldn't abandon my blog here. it's just that i don't post on my mobile straight because 
1) annoying app. it's bad. it sucks. it has a lot of errors. For Examples; i typed this blog post once, saved it and published it. it somehow only manage to save the image and the entire post was gone. *dangit!
2) A few times i typed the entire post on the blogger app. it got stuck at "publishing". and if you are stuck at publishing on the blogger app. there's no way to save it or retrieve it. 

they are many more but i just don't want to even think about it. *annoyed*. 

So if you haven't have the app yet. You better download it. 

the only downside about it is that it's only available for smartphones. If you only have a laptop or access to web. You can view and follow me at

If you are at dayre already. my username is gwendolynme 


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

October Favourites [Monthly Favourites]

Today, i'd be showing you some of the products of my favourites for the month October. 

As some of you may know, I have been travelling up and down for the past few months. So in order to have a consistent skincare routine. I had many stuff that are in the smallest size I could find possible, or trial size. (It's also an excuse and a way to have more stuff and try out more). 

So for the month October, I had. 

1. Etude House BB Magic BB Balm
When Etude House first came out with their BB creams few years back, this was the holy grail product that hit the market. The BB Magic BB Balm. It was like RM89/$30, so it was pretty costly for me as i was still a student back then. But friends around me were purchasing this and raving about it. I just thought it was just too expensive. Right when I had enough money to get it, it was discontinued and replaced by their newer range. Until during my birthday month (september) i decided to head down to Etude House as they had a 50% sale. THEY HAD THIS!! I grabbed it for rm45/$15 and never regretted it. I now know why everyone raved about this. 

2. Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector 
This is an amazing holy grail product but somehow to me, it's not an everyday use product. It's more of a once a week use product. This really tightened my pores, smooth out my skin, as well as reducing the redness. 

3. It's Skin YE Effector
We all know how Yeast is a beauty miracle in skincare products. The SKII famous essence, or the MISSHA treatment essence and many more holy grail treatment essence is all because of the ingredient of yeast. It's just that different brands may use different extract and family of yeast. I personally have the MISSHA treatment essence which i would include in the monthly favourite, but I did not carry it with me because it comes in a 250ml size. I stumbled upon this and it's a korean brand call "It's Skin" they are famous for their serums which are known as the Power 10 Formula Line. 

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion
This is my holy grail products. It keeps my eyeshadow, eyeliner and all my eyemakeup stay. As well as my eyebrows. AND, i now say bye bye to my oily lids as well. 

5. Olay CelLucent White Radiance Eye Roller 
Olay is one of my favourite skincare brand and it's a trustable brand. I use to think Olay was for old people and I know many still think too. But It's not. This product I can't say it's super effective, but one thing I know for sure that, it reduces my puffy eyes, and my dark circles aren't that visible anymore. Dark circles are blood flows that are accumulated there, not skin pigmentation that created that dark circle. I really love this because it's handy, it has three small steel balls that cools my eyelids and decreases the puffiness. 

6. Bio Essence Miracle Water 
This is my holy grail everyday product. You know they say clean water makes a difference? I use this after I was my face. As we know, tap waters aren't as clean as we think they are no matter how filtered they are. So, after cleaning and cleansing my face, it's strip clean, bare and naked. So i love to use this to spray on my face to give it a clean fresh feel on my bare naked face. This has reduced my redness and rosecea no doubt because my face is now clean from the base when it's naked. 

7. Olay Regenerist Serum
This is my favourite moisturizer of the month. It's moisturizing but it's not heavy or creamy or oily. Many might wonder that they state it as "serum" so how could it be a moisturizer? Well, it's just that way. LOL. It's more of a serum moisturizer. Try it at the counter and you'd know why I love it. It's perfect for my sensitive skin. And as I am someone who layers my skincare, I hate heavy products. Heavy doesn't mean it would get absorb. 

8. Touch in SOL Be Nice To My Skin Cream SPF 30 PA +++
This is my sunscreen of the month. I use this if I was going to go bareface with no bb cream or foundation for the day. Or if I am using it with a foundation that has NO SPF. OR a face powder. 

9. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque
This is the only product that could cover my dark circles in a very natural way. I hate concealers that are yellow base (most of them are ) Because yellow does not cover purple (the color of my dark circle). Whereas the pink base concealers can cover it up. UNLESS if you are looking for the Kim Kardashian super highlight cheeks and undereyes kind. I use to have the Bobbi Brown concealer+powder. But I decided to give the corrector a go. 

10. MAC Studio Sculpture in NW20 
This acts as my yellow base concealer, or if i want to cover up some spots of freckles or pimples or i want to go flawless and full coverage. I would use this under my foundation. I know I am a NC/NW10, but I bought this is NW20 was because I didn't want to look flash bright then my foundation would blend. This is perfect if you want a full coverage. 

11. Macadamia Hair Oil Treatment
This, is my holy grail hair oil product. I have NEVER found anything to replace this. Their whole range is amazing, but the only downside is that it's really hard to find it in the asia market. And the other downside is that, le-boyfie hates the smell. LOL. (It smells of macadamia if you wonder)

12. SLEEK i-Divine palette STORM 578
I love palettes. I would still say the Urban Decay palette is still an all-time winner. But it's just that I currently own the palette 1 which is the magnet fabric casing which it's difficult to travel as I am worried it would be pushed opened or so. SLEEK has amazing palettes and their colors are similar and pigmented as well! So this is my travel favourite as it has the different shades of green, red and blue so if i wanted to go something different that day or night, I have more choices. 

13. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder 
Sa to say I have no brows. (Waiting for the day to do embroidery) So drawing and shaping them is a must everyday. I literally have NO BROWS. was born with this state so i have to deal with drawing them. So getting something that is long lasting is important. The NYX eyebrow cake powder is amazing because the colors looks pigmented but it's buildable and they have the wax to groom and make the color last longer. 

15. 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Pencil
I have started drawing my eyebrows 5 years ago, and throwing so many eyebrow pencils and liquids and trying out so many. THIS is the first and only product that I love SOOOOOO much. It's buildable, it's natural. it's easy and it draws on perfectly. I would definately repurchase it. Downside of it? Only available in Korea and shipping is friggin expensive. 

16. Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick 88 Rubellite 
This is one that I have to feature in because it is my first EL lipstick and also a first lipstick that was given by the BFF for my birthday as a present. I love the color, it's a shimmer purple. I usually go for a red or a coral, but purple is definitely a change. 

17. NYX Round Lipstick LSS599 Fire Incendie
This is the favourite lipstick of the month that I use practically almost everyday. Can't wait to get the lipcream. 

19. AVENE Hydrance Optimale UV Legere
I have this in a trial size because i wanted to give the Avene skincare range a try since I love their miracle water. This day moisturizer is amazing because it's in a lotion form, it has SPF 20 in it. It's super light and water base. So it absorbs into my skin. Best of all, it's suitable for sensitive skin like mine. 

So that's all for this month's favourite. Let's see what I will have in November. :)

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