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Monday, 26 January 2015

GWENBEAUTY || Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF15

One of my favourite item of the month in Jan2015 is the Bobbi Brown Lip Balm that comes with SPF15.

I generally have very dry lips. So lip balm/lip oitment are really important to me. Especially for someone who can't live without her lipstick. Usually if I am using lip tint/stain or a sheer lipstick or smtg shiny/moisture with glossy wet look, it's fine. But matte lipsticks are also one of my current favourites. 

The tricky part with matte lipsticks is that you can't have cracked dry lips, if not it will look horrible. 

When i say horrible I really mean HORRIBLE!!! 

If you have cracked lips, and you apply lip balm then a matte lipstick, your dried flaky lips are still obvious. This is why it is very tricky and terrible when you have dry lips. 

I would say it's all about test and trial. I know many people would suggest and tell me to just use Vaseline, but the thing is- Vaseline didn't work out for me. I still had my cracked lips and sometimes I end up having sores. So I stopped and the sores went away. 

I have tried all sorta of lip balm; from Nivea to LipIce to QV, to Mac cosmetics lip balm and lip tint and even tried our Diors lip balm and Chanel's one as well and also other brands. 

But none of them really worked out perfect for me. It did make my lips better but didn't whoo me. 

One day I decided to give La Mer a try. And OMG they were so good but so expensive.  It literally burns a whole in anyone's wallet and totally wasn't worth it. They were good, with the peppermint taste but wasn't good enough for me to say #takeallmymoney 

Then few days ago I walked into BB and noticed there was a lip balm. I tried it on the spot and fell in love with it. For a split second I had a #takeallmymoney feeling so I bought it on the spot (and also managed to grab other stuff) LOL 

The Bobbi Brown lip balm comes with a SPF15 which is a plus benefit. I've seen bloggers reviewing that it's not that great and they wake up with white flakes. But so far, I've been waking up with smooth lips. I wouldn't say my lips are 100% smooth because I have so badly cracked lips that miracles don't happen. But BB saved me enough to make it feel so good that it's not cracking or flaking off. 

Another thing I had is having the need to reapply lip balm throughout the whole day. Then I can't have any lipstick d!! And it also means that lip balm is not doing it's job. But BB's lip balm only requires one application for a full day moisture. So nice right. 

This retails at RM80 and I bought it with my own hard earned money. Not sponsored :) 

Would I recommend it? Yes!!! Because asides what it does the packaging is just lovely! 

All in all, it's a personal preference. Like I have always said, you need to test it out to try it out. 

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

WHere's my rights?

I am so annoyed at the Management/ developer who has made all this so difficult. Let me tell you the story.

Few years back,my parents bought an apartment which I have moved in a month ago. (finally!)

of course, as usual, new place means you got to setup new things such as Tv cable/Satellite, and internet!!! 1 mean now with all the technology, smartphones,smart TVI , and even our daily jobs or our daily lines. Internet has played such a huge role!
My mom relys on the internet so much that without it she doesnt know what else to do as it is her TV, her phone, her social media, her news, her entertainment and her kepoh place (facebook)

When the house wifi goes down. She takes a drive to MCD so she can have wifi. See how much she relys on it???
Well, what is annoying is not my mom. - BACK TO THE STORY- 

I cannot have my internet regardless if it is unifi or dial-up because 

1. Management tells us unifi, maxis fibre, time or amy other fibre internet provider is not allowed except for a new upcoming company called "symphonet".

When asked why is this happening they say they dont know. Its a deal between developer and symphonet. 
So I tried to approached the developer which came to ... 

2. Developer say not their problem. 

Wtf is this? So they are throwing the balls at each other so I tried to go to unifi/maxis/times and ask them. Which I got into 

3. UNIFI informs me that they have came in. Inspected and checked the fibre optics. I even have the fibre optic cables boxes!!! But during the VP, suddenly they were informed that they are NOT ALLOWED to proceed with installation or activation. 
Wtf right. So then I went to astro IPTV (which relys on maxis/time) and was told
4. Symphonet has bought our rights from tm/unifi. Means no maxis or time because they share the same backbone as tm/unifi. 

Walao!!!! In the contract of purchasing the unit. NO WHERE in the contract does it state or written in any manner that owner nor user wi have no rights to the decisions of the rights to our preference of communication/internet provider!!!! This is like giving birth to your kid, raise him then selling him when he is 20 yrs old.
Then I thought okay. Fine. I dont want to go for what fibre internet that is suppose to be fast but not that fast. I'll go for dialups la. Streamyx. The next best thing... to find out ..

6. The entire apartment with so many blocks and units. Does not have any telephone port. 
This meanss..... you need FIBRE INTERNET in order to have telephone line. 

Walao. Wanna be high tech but cannot be high tech. Wtf.
Then finally, I give up and have decided to go for symphonet out of desperation. Which then I found out 

7. Symphonet has no coverage in that area.
What the heck!!!!!!!!! 

So what do we do now? Who do we go to? And how should be approach this??
Maybe can go gather petitions and complain to government or smtg. 
Then turns out. In order to file a complaint to the government for then to act on it. You need a report number to proof that you have approached the communication provider about this issue, they are aware but not doing anything then only they will open ur file/case. 

So means, have to go bsck to internet provider who tells us. There is no account, no case, no issue so there wont be a file. Hence no report number.
So what do we do now???? 

Monday, 5 January 2015

It's 2015 already

Time passes by so fast and it's been a year and it's already 2015. Heck! It's already few years! It still feels like last year was only 2010. LOL. #feelingold 

Hello everybody and wishing everyone a Happy New year. 

I know I am quite late with the wishes right. LOL 5th already. Some of you may have even celebrated your birthday in 2015. Sorry for the delay, I don't have my internet set up at home YET. It's really depressing and am about to write to the newspapers and media department to complain already. 

New years is the time when everyone actually thinks of how they need to improve themselves when actually it doesn't really take new years to figure it out. #thebestofyou 

But in another way, for those who are ignorant of themselves, this is the only time that they need to list it out. LOL. or either most of the time they are too lazy to do it. 

Usually I would come up with a list of my #newyearsresolution as well. But then again, what's the point of aiming something that is impossible right? :D Sweat not, my resolutions are all in my mind. HAHA

So, just a short entry, hope you guys had a great start of the year!

Hoping 2015 would be a better year with more memories to cherish and remember. 

#2015 #howalsomusthashtag 

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